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Our Mission: Authoritative, Original, Professional Travel Writing About the World’s Greatest Trips

We are a multi-authored cooperative staffed by professional travel writers.

BucketTripper goes straight to the heart of WHY you travel:

  • Attractions
  • Adventures
  • Activities
  • History and Culture
  • To Learn Something New
  • To Do Something Fun

EXPERIENCE is what we’re about: Experiences that are unique, entertaining, adventurous, exciting, different, challenging, intriguing, and even a little weird. Groom an elephant in Thailand. Catch a crocodile in Belize. Help endangered baby sea turtles get to the ocean. Learn to make pasta in Italy. Dive with sharks in Fiji or with dolphins in Israel. See Jerusalem from the top of its ancient walls. Ride a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Petra.

And yes, mainstream activities like visiting the Louvre, the London Eye, Tower of London, and Washington D.C.’s monuments.

What’s Different About our Travel Site? 

  • Been-there-done-that reviews with insider tips based on first-hand experience.
  • Maps with each activity.
  • Practical info in each story includes tips and info about who the trip is best suited for.
  • Professional travel writers with experience to know what information travelers want and need. Our writers have clips from National Geographic Traveler, Islands, AAA magazines, airline magazines, the New York Times, and newspapers from coast to coast.
  • Our authors and our site have received a bucketload of awards for writing, photography, and site design.

We KNOW you have limited travel vacation time. We’re here to help you use it wisely.

Our Travel Writers: Strength in Quality, Strength in Numbers

BucketTripper writers are, quite simply, some of the best, most intrepid, most experienced travel writers to be found anywhere.

Our writers have hiked in New Zealand and climbed in Africa and toured palaces in Russia and chateaux in France. We’ve walked, dived, sailed, ridden elephants and camels and donkeys, we’ve slept in yurts and tents and tea-houses and shacks and in some of the most luxurious digs on the planet.

We believe our writers will benefit from having their work placed next door to the work of other highly qualified writers. And we believe that we’ll be able to offer readers a better experience by having all this great experience and writing and perspective under one roof.

Our Readers

According to Google Analytics, our readers skew young, educated, and active, with slightly more men than women.

Check Back Often

Since our debut in May, 2012, we’ve attracted a wide audience, with a steadily increasing readership. We received multiple awards from the North American Travel Journalists’ Association and the Society of American Travel Writers.  We’ve added monthly destination features, a blog, multi-media posts, and photo essays, and we’ve optimized for Mobile devices.

We’ve got an ambitious road map for growth: more video and multi-media, reader photo contests, apps and e-books are on the radar…. Like any journey, we expect we’ll get lost along the way, have some new adventures, and learn a lot.

So join us, and check back often.