Write for Us

We are a co-operative award-winning travel site where travel writers are our most valuable assets.

Buckettripper.com specializes in authoritative articles by travel writers about doing great things in the world’s most interesting, iconic, and exciting destinations.

We welcome inquiries from professional travel writers. Note: We do not accept “free guest blogs in exchange for links.” We work only with writers who join our cooperative on an ongoing basis. 

Note: We are currently not accepting new writers. However, we will be opening up again soon, so feel free to send us your information and we will respond when we begin to expand again. 

A Travel Site for Travel Writers and Readers: How we Work

1) We are an independent author-owned site. Our fellow writers are our partners and investors in this venture, so we are looking for the following:

  • A professional style and voice. We are looking for diversity, humor, and variety in our author’s sensibilities. Writing skill is paramount.
  • Writers with an inventory of material or a specialization that would work for us.
  • Solid travel writing clips.
  • Familiarity with WordPress blogging software. You will need to edit, compress, crop, and upload photos, insert live links, upload maps (we provide step-by-step directions), apply basic formatting (bold, heads, bulleted lists), and be able to look at very basic HTML codes to correct common coding glitches.
  • Writers with an interest in an ongoing relationship. We aren’t looking for one-ofs, but rather, for regular contributors.

2) Once accepted to the site, you send us quick no-fuss (i.e., one- or two-sentence) queries. Your queries help us avoid duplication and maintain site focus, balance, and integrity.

3) All articles are reviewed and lightly edited prior to publication. However, we expect work to come in “clean.” That’s why we’re only working with pros.

4) You get an author archive immediately to showcase your work here. Your bio box will appear on all your articles.

5) We get ongoing rights to publish the articles you send us on our site. We ask that you modify previously published articles to fit BucketTripper’s format, and that, if you reuse your BucketTripper articles, you alter the format (heads, title, practicalities and “in your bucket” boxes) and change at least some of the text.

6) BucketTripper is a cooperative revenue-share site. We do not pay upfront for articles: We pay a royalty based on advertising income. We’re a relatively new site (we went live in May, 2012): Our metrics are growing, but earnings are still very low.

Benefits of Writing for Us

1) We’re a prestigious site. We’ve won multiple awards from North American Travel Journalists Association, and various Society of American Travel Writers Awards programs.

2) We focus on high quality content: No cheap click-bait. It’s all about great writing about great destinations.

3) We’re flexible about topics: We’ll give you the space to develop a story suitable for submission to awards programs,. We’ll also give space for fascinating niche stories that traditional markets may only publish as 200-word shorts.

4) You’re in the company of awards winning professional travel writers.

5) We have a Facebook group page for mutual support, promotion of each other’s work, and networking.

How to Apply to Write for Us


If you’re interested, please e-mail us at Authors@BucketTripper.com

Please do not send attachments: All info must be in the body of the e-mail. Also, be brief: Basically, we want to see a) that you’re an experienced travel writer and b) that your style is a good fit.

Send us an e-mail with:

1) One or two (ie: NOT 10 or 20 or 30 or 40!) links to previously published travel articles, preferably in a style suitable for BucketTripper. (Active, engaged, focusing on an experience, first person). Please read some articles on the site before picking your clips: We call ourselves “Service with a Voice.” We are not interested in encyclopedia-style guidebook writing, nor do we want excessively bloggy essays. We’re looking for the sweet spot in between, with formal narrative structure (not informal journal-type writing). Please select articles that are similar to what we publish: We don’t have time to wade through dozens of articles on a website.

2) A link to your blog or website so we can see your unedited writing.

3) A short resume or list of selected travel writing credentials. it doesn’t have to be complete. Include print articles, online work, books you’ve written, organizations you belong to, etc.

4) Information about your experience working in WordPress or other blog software. We want to know that you have the basic tech skills to upload your articles with a minimum of trauma.

5) Information about your travel specialties, regional expertise, or special interests. We have an ever-changing “want-list.”

If we think we’re a good fit, we’ll send you our writers’ guidelines and FAQs. If they are acceptable to you, we will ask you to submit a trial article, formatted to our specifications. If it’s a fit, we’ll publish it and you can send more queries. If it doesn’t work out, we won’t use the article and it’s yours to sell elsewhere.