Asia: home of ancient civilizations, tropical jungles, and the tallest mountains on Earth. Travels in Asia are a sensory barrage, the aroma of spice markets, the brilliant colors of clothing, the cacophony of some of the most crowded cities in the world.

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Asia: The Bucket List

Women sell vegetables, spices, fruit, fresh fish and flowers at market along Thu Bon River in Hoi An in central Vietnam. Here, women sell shrimp and crabs. Photo by Yvette Cardozo

Learning the Art of Vietnamese Cooking from a Hanoi Celebrity Chef

They are EVERYwhere in Vietnam, from the largest city to the smallest village and even aboard tourist boats in Ha Long Bay. No, not T-shirt sellers. We're talking cooking classes. This is THE thing to do in Vietnam and I sampled several. There was the well polished class in Hoi An .. ...
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Forbidden City, China

Tripping Around the Forbidden City, Beijing, China

"Careful," my companion said, reaching out to catch me as, once more, I tripped over a high threshold. I had been gazing upwards at some of the roof decorations as we explored the Forbidden City and had forgotten yet again, to watch out for the twelve inch high thresholds across the many ...
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Wat Pho Buddhas, Thailand

Admiring Thailand’s Largest Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho, Bangkok

My first thoughts, when I enter Wat Pho in Bangkok, are extremely non-spiritual. There are too many people. They all stand in my way. Despite big signs that ask visitors to "dress respectfully", many Western women have decided to turn up at a Buddhist temple in hotpants. Bangkok is steaming ...
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Docent Wang Wao Hua pointing to the Jewish Refugees Museum unique torah (©Roberta Sotonoff)

Discovering Jewish History in Shanghai, China

The elegant three-story, white-columned Jewish Center surprises me with both its size and what it contains. Not only does it serve as a place of worship, but it also has a mikvah with a state-of-the-art Jacuzzi—pretty fancy for a ritual bath -- a community center, and a gift shop. And ...
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Tiananmen Square

People Watching in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China

Who can forget the iconic image of the young man in 1989 defying the might of the Chinese army in the shape of a tank in Tiananmen Square? It’s a picture that was beamed around the world. So, of course, Tiananmen Square was one of our must-see sites in Beijing. Its ...
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Living Large at the Burj al Arab in Dubai

"Ah, not the elevator," my friend said in the lobby of Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel. "We will ride the submarine to the restaurant." And indeed, we did. After entering a small capsule with bucket seats and fastening our seat belts, lights flickered, sirens screamed, dials trembled and we were pushed back ...
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