Barbara Radcliffe Rogers

Barbara Radcliffe Rogers is the author of 32 travel books -- nine of them on New England and a dozen on Southern Europe, all reflecting her love of finding the hidden corners and secret places that escape more traditional travel guides. When she is not writing, she is likely to be found searching for prehistoric sites in Portugal or paddling her kayak in the Bay of Fundy.


Climbing Through Golden Aspens in Park City, Utah

Canyons Chairlift (Canyons Resort)

As a New Englander, I’m spoiled for foliage. I have always smugly believed in the superiority of our country roads lined in red maples. Then I saw mile after mile of Utah mountainsides painted in bright yellow aspens; it broadened my view. And … [Read more...]

Walking the Black Heritage Trail in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The first recorded slave ship docked in Portsmouth Harbor in 1645 (© Stillman Rogers)

We northerners tend to think of slavery as an institution peculiar to southern history, not to our own. But in fact, it was not at all uncommon for New Englanders to hold slaves. After all, New England ports -- including Portsmouth -- were the … [Read more...]

Riding the Carousel at Maine’s Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach Maine (Photo copyright Stillman Rogers)

Has the merry-go-round at Old Orchard Beach shrunk? I’m sure the horses used to be bigger, so tall that my father had to boost me up to mount them. Apart from the size of the carousel, it’s just like I remember, though – maybe cleaner and not … [Read more...]

Having Tea with Eleanor Roosevelt on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada

Roosevelt Cottage, Roosevelt Campobello International Park (Photo copyright Stillman Rogers)

"A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water." We all laughed, but Eleanor Roosevelt’s favorite saying gives us a clue to what kind of person she was – never afraid of controversy or of standing up for her … [Read more...]

Celebrating Independence Day at Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts

An Old Time Fourth of July Parade in Old Sturbridge Village

The picnic basket listed heavily to one side as the two little girls of different ages tried to carry it between them. They set it down frequently on the gravel path that leads to the grassy common in the center of Old Sturbridge Village. I could … [Read more...]

Shopping for Masks and Crafts in Venice’s San Polo

Mask Shop in San Polo, Venice (Photo copyright Stillman Rogers)

“Bellissima,” he exclaims as I look into the mirror he holds for me. “Better than without the mask?” I retort and we both laugh. The mask maker is trying to help me solve my problem with any mask. I wear glasses, so unless it’s thin and … [Read more...]

Shopping for Glass on Venice’s Island of Murano

Ballarin Glass Shop, Murano (Photo copyrigh Stillman Rogers)

"Signor, signor,” the voice and running footsteps followed us alongside the canal. We turned to see the man from the glass shop we’d just left. “Il prezzo sta bene!” Resignation infused his voice, expression and gesture as he said it – … [Read more...]

Shopping for Leather around Florence’s Santa Croce

Florence from Piazza Michelangelo (Photo copyright 2013 Stillman Rogers Photography)

The buttery soft leather slipped on so easily that it felt like a second skin on my hand, each finger the perfect length and without creases or pulls. As I flexed my fingers inside this cherry-red casing, all I could think was “This fits like a … [Read more...]

Shopping while Sightseeing near the Duomo in Florence

Florence Duomo with Giotto's Tower and Brunelleschi's Dome (Photo copyright by Stillman Rogers Photography)

Somewhere between Brunelleschi’s dome and the Ghirlandaio frescoes, my best-laid plans for a day devoted to the great treasures of Florentine art went awry. So awry that long before I reached Santa Maria Novella I considered detouring to my hotel … [Read more...]

Stepping into the Past on Scotland’s St. Kilda Archipelago, a UNESCO Site

Ruins of abandoned houses, St. Kilda (Copyright Stillman Rogers Photography)

The taste of salt was strong on the wind as we sailed past cliffs that dropped to a wave-dashed tumble of stones below. Beyond this cluster of cliff-bound islands known as St. Kilda, open Atlantic stretched to the gray line of the horizon. The … [Read more...]