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Bhaktapur's Durbar Square

Remembering Bhaktapur

The year, 1999. It was a bucket list trip, but not the usual sort. For more than two years, my sister Sally and I had watched our middle sister Sue struggle with a brain tumor. Her last evening with us, she was listening to a book on tape which murmured ...
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America's Great Hiking Trails

New Book: America’s Great Hiking Trails

Over the last 25 years, I've walked some 18,000 miles worldwide. More than half of those miles have been walked on the 11 American footpaths known as the "National Scenic Trails." From the green hollows of the Appalachian Trail to the highest peaks of Colorado and California, from the drylands of ...
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Trompe l'Oiel in the Hall of Tapestries

Hip Hotel Zamora: St. Pete Beach gets its first new hotel in 20 years

Sexy flamenco paintings, heavy-mail fixtures, bursts of burnt orange and fine leather furnishings decorate the rooms and public areas of the newest hotel on St. Pete Beach, Hotel Zamora. Miami-based Cuba-Fernandez Design orchestrated the $20 million transformation from demolition site to Spanish hacienda, which debuted June 13, 2014. It’s top ...
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“In Training” with Virgin Atlantic

Okay, we’ve all heard about the airlines’ flight attendant training -- the safety drills, the makeup classes, the emergency slide. Especially the slide. Well, you don’t have to be crew to try it all, though you do need a company willing to rent Virgin Atlantic’s training base in London. Or, in my ...
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Drinking Kava The Real Way

As with everything else on Kosrae, drinking kava is real. On too many better known Pacific islands, drinking kava has been turned into yet another tricked-up tourist event with people in pseudo native costumes and a lot of fanfare. Not on Kosrae (pronounced ko-shrye), the easternmost island of Micronesia. Maybe it’s because ...
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Turn-about is Fair Play: Garden and Travel Writer Dragged to Eateries in Kansas City

Over the years, I have hauled my husband and our families to myriad landscapes in my quest to write about the world’s gardens. It is only fair, then, that my restaurant-loving relatives have conspired to drag me to a smorgasbord of gastric establishments during our travels. I suppose I could pity ...
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Camera Bag Serves as a Secure Carryall for Travel

I’m loving my new traveling companion. With just one minor flaw (who’s perfect, anyway?) it is all I need and a great traveler. Such is the bond frequent travelers makes with their gear, in my case a carryall camera bag. It’s such a personal thing, a travel bag. Like a ladies ...
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Austrian Airlines Begins Only Nonstop Chicago-Vienna Flights with Stellar Business Class Service

I slept like a baby—make that an Austrian baby. Tucked in with a fluffy comforter of blue and white checks and red piping, and snuggling up to an almost full-size matching pillow, this Chicagoan was in Dreamland as she flew across the Atlantic, landing in Vienna refreshed and excited to explore ...
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