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Your Kids versus My Vacation: St. Lucia’s Coconut Bay has the Answer

The traveling world can be divided in many ways -- people who cruise, people who backpack; people who stay in hostels, people who stay in five-stars; people who consider themselves travelers, people who consider themselves tourists. But perhaps the most obvious division is people who travel with kids and people ...
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Palazzo Ducale and tower of St Mark's Basilica from Santa Maria Salute Venice

Free or Cheap Things to Do in Venice

For the price of a Vaporetto ticket or bike rental, Venice offers history, local color and the pleasure of exploring hidden corners and seeing sights few tourists find. And Venice is all about the experience, and less about the museums and “attractions” – the city itself is the attraction. Here ...
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Qatar Airways Begins Limited Chicago Flights

Qatar Airways inaugurated nonstop flights between Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and Qatar’s Doha International Airport on April 10, 2013, but has been thwarted in its plans to offer daily flights by the worldwide grounding of Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The grounding had “a serious impact on Qatar Airways,” said CEO Akbar ...
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Travelwise Vancouver: Tips for Packing and Visiting

Don’t laugh, but some people think we live on ice here. Just consider that Vancouver is a two-hour drive north of Seattle. But it's still a few hours flying time to the Arctic. Yes, in wintertime it’s cold, but it’s warmer than in Eastern and Central Canada. Sometimes it’s even warmer ...
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What a Travel Writer does on Vacation

This is going to be a vacation, a real vacation. We're heading south to the sun to escape the long, drear, Scottish winter which this year has extended into spring. I'm determined to do nothing, take no notes, make no trips, nothing. So I do nothing. We sit on loungers around the ...
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Crowds in Tiananmen Square (Ann Burnett)

More Awards for BucketTripper Writers

Buckettripper was thrilled to win awards in the North American Travel Journalists Association competition for 2012 -- our inaugural year. Now our writers are picking up awards on the other side of the Atlantic. Scottish writer Ann Burnett, who has covered destinations from China to Scotland for Buckettripper, reports that her writers ...
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Cosy English Cottage, Prime Location

There I was, strolling along and minding my own business when suddenly I saw the perfect house. In my imagination, I wrote the real estate ad to which I will soon be replying. There's no price, because some people in my new community would be "not amused" by any mention ...
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Winter Adventures Where It’s REALLY Winter

Okay, I admit it ... I LOVE winter and the cold. It comes from being a captive of south Florida for the first four decades of my life. I didn't even see snow until I was 25 and when I saw frost for the first time as a teen, I ...
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