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How Not to Die as a London Pedestrian

I knew, of course, that in the UK they drive on the "other" side of the road. But I never fully understood it until a dog driving an Aston Martin almost ran me over. So, in the interest of Anglo-American relations and the hope for a happy outcome for every tourist, ...
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Spring-Break Bound? Packing List for the Tropics

I. Hate. Packing. I think it's because I used to do a lot of long-distance backpacking in places like Nepal -- where if you forgot something like toothpaste, you were good and up and creek. Now, I live practically on the Appalachian Trail, so most of my hiking is close to ...
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Being a Watchful Traveler: Thieves Know Best!

    It's time to remember this once and for all: Let's keep our eyes on our bag(s) at ALL times! Check out the link at the end of this article! You will see how thieves know how to get hold of our valuables when we travel... even when we keep them safely ...
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Cruising the Greek Islands: A Study Beyond Blue and White

Bigger is not always better. In late 2012, I cruised the Greek Islands on Compagnie du Ponant's l'Austral. With only 160 cabins and a capacity of 320 passengers, l'Austral is one of a group of smaller vessels that are able to call at harbors that can't handle large cruise ships ...
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Gracious Gardens of the South

For a restorative journey after the loss of my father, I proposed to Mom that we take a trip chasing azalea season across the gardens of the South. It was their 49th year together when we lost Dad, and some of our fondest memories that year were traveling together in ...
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Winter at Orlando Wetlands Park

It's winter in Orlando, and that means the birds are here. Not just the snowbirds, who we curse sometimes for clogging our highways, but the migratory birds, the rafts of white pelicans and mergansers floating on open waters, the delight of robins flitting en masse through the forests. Living between two ...
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Eight Winter Things to do in NH’s White Mountains if You Don’t Ski

A skier sidelined by a mid-season knee injury, I find myself in New Hampshire’s White Mountains for a week, surrounded by near-perfect snow that I can’t enjoy. Surely I’m not alone -- there must be other non-skiers looking for something to do in the Mount Washington Valley. I turned to my ...
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Dogsledding in Quebec

Dashing through the Snow

Last month, I had the opportunity to take my first dogsledding trip while attending a meeting in Quebec. I shared the details of the experience on Buckettripper, but after the fact, pulled some video together to put on my YouTube channel. Here's what it looks like on the last few ...
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