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Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America: The Bucket List

cloud forest

Ziplining in Costa Rica

I am standing on a platform about 60 feet above the ground, getting ready to swing through the Costa Rican rainforest like a Central American Tarzan. Or a scientist. The zipline is at the five-star Bourinquen Resort, an eco-resort in Guanacaste, which offers not only ziplining, but also combination ziplining-horseback riding ...
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Tranquility Bay

Diving the Belize Barrier Reef off Ambergris Caye

I am trying to get on the boat, but it is bucking like a rodeo horse. In my memory at least, the swells are a good 10 feet high. I've got shin burns on my legs from the ladder, which is as bouncy as the boat. Diving in Belize is renowned ...
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Belize crocodile tagging

Tagging Crocodiles near Belize’s Lamanai Mayan Ruins

It is dark -- 97 percent dark chocolate dark, India ink dark, heart of Voldemort dark -- in this swamp in the middle of a moonless night in the middle of Belize. Only in the distance, across the fresh-water lagoon, do a few lights reveal the Lamanai Outpost Lodge, an ...
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