Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America

Trips in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America.

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Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America: The Bucket List


Shooting Mescal in Oaxaca, Mexico

When most of us think of Mexico and drinking, we inevitably drift to visions of tequila or summertime beers. Margaritas, American by birth, might sneak in there if we’re caught envisioning Mexico as a restaurant with bottomless chips and salsa, gigantic sombreros hanging on the wall. However, if you’re looking ...
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curacao art

Shopping on the Dutch Antilles Island of Curaçao

Shopping on the Dutch Antilles island of Curaçao requires a two-pronged attack for those in a serious search of unique souvenirs. Planning that attack is well worth the effort: Not only are there fabulous treasures to be found, but the arts community here will give shoppers a better understanding of ...
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Zorba's is equally Greek, Bahamian, and American and where I finally tried sheep tongue souse.

Breakfasting like the Natives on Grand Bahama Island

I may have gulped slightly as I stared down the bowl of “sheep tongue souse” on my breakfast table. I had tried most of the other unusual traditional breakfast dishes during my years of travel to the Bahamas; this visit I was determined to leap out of my comfort zone ...
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Chac Mool Waiting for the Sun

Calling Quetzals at Chichen Itza in Mexico

We are standing at the foot at El Castillo, near the bottom of the staircase famous for producing a snake-like shadow on the equinox, and taking turns clapping, looking satisfied at one another, and inviting the next person to take a turn. Through some ancient Mayan design of precision, when ...
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