Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America

Trips in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America.

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Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America: The Bucket List

The rugged black-sand beach of Rosalie Bay

Tuning into Dominica at Rosalie Bay Eco-Resort

I ended up with a riverside suite at Rosalie Bay boutique eco-resort, rather than a room oceanside. I was immediately glad it worked out that way. The view and chortling of the rocky Rosalie River was soothing and oh-so apropos for the mountainous east Caribbean island of Dominica, which claims ...
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Copy of Just a Local Swimming Hole

Hiking to the Seven Waterfalls of Juayua, El Salvador

Honestly, I think we picked the location first for its name: Juayua. Not only was the spelling aesthetically pleasing in its arrangement of letters, but the pronunciation—Who-ah-you-ah—had sent my wife Emma and me into fits of giggles. Strange how some words just do that. Whatever the case, we were fortunate ...
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Souvenir Stand on 5th Avenida

The Shopping ’til You Drop Tour of Antigua, Guatemala

We all have our weaknesses, and one of mine is souvenirs. Admittedly, it’s not the most masculine of traits, not the one I like to write to the guys back home about, but I’ve spent many a traveling afternoon scouring markets and engaging in hard-nosed negotiations. And, I can tell ...
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Atlantis view from Royal Tower

Indulging Watery Fantasies at Atlantis in the Bahamas

My taxi driver dropped me at the wrong spot, so I ended up tugging my luggage through a mammoth casino with all the blinking glitz of Vegas. Massive sea-suggestive Dale Chihuly glass sculptures and the ka-ching of slots greeted my arrival, then a towering atrium decorated with outrageous mythical sculptures, ...
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