Kayaking Through the Mangroves in Abu Dhabi

Mangroves kayak tour

A few minutes ago we were in Abu Dhabi, a noisy, bustling metropolis of high rise concrete, fast cars and muezzins. But here among the mangroves it is calm and peaceful, and there is no sound apart from the gentle swish of paddles. In Your Bucket … [Read more...]

On the River at Finca Tatin in Guatemala

A Crowd Gathering on the River

We’d left Guatemala City some eight hours prior on a “first class” bus, which entails the extra feature of receiving a bottle of water midway through the ride and action movies dubbed in Spanish. It had been a long trip, with a late taxi, a … [Read more...]

Kayaking Down the Ardèche River in France

Kayaking down the Ardèche River in France

Bonne descente! shouted a man after me and my boyfriend to wish us a good trip down the river. We carried our kayak towards the freezing water in the Ardèche River through a grey and chilled September morning and set out on our second day of … [Read more...]

Kayaking in Crete, Greece: The Libyan Sea to Phaestros and Beyond

Crete Shoreline

An eight-day paddle in Crete sounded like the perfect trip: I'd been wanting to return to Greece, and I'd been wanting to improve my paddling skills, which to this point had often resulted in me being tangled in mangrove roots. My adventure began … [Read more...]

Kayaking Northern California’s Russian River

Kayaking on the Russian River is fun in an inflatable water craft. (Melanie Radzicki McManus)

The river is totally quiet today, except for the occasional sound of our paddles dipping into the water to steer us around a branch or rock. The weather probably has something to do with it — it’s cloudy and a bit nippy out. But I don’t mind. … [Read more...]

Kayaking the Apostle Islands Sea Caves in Lake Superior


Even though we don't have to wear wetsuits today, just an apron-type splash guard and life vest, the minute I don both, I begin to sweat. How in the world will I last all day in this garb – while working out pretty hard, no less? Both items are a … [Read more...]

Kayaking, Volunteering, and a History Lesson on a St. Thomas Eco-Adventure

The view from St. Peter Great House and Botanical Gardens

Perched on the wall of a crumbling 18th century ruin, I gaze down to the  the Caribbean Sea. Despite the sweat streaming down my back and my aching arms, I feel exhilarated.  Instead of  lolling on the beach and relaxing in the sun, I have just … [Read more...]

Kayaking the French Broad River in North Carolina

A calm stretch of the French Broad River near Hot Springs

“This is the first of our Class III rapids today,” says Seth, leaning off the back of his raft, addressing our small cluster of inflatable kayaks bobbing in a sheltered cove of the French Broad River. “You’ve got to hit this one just right. … [Read more...]