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Europe: The Bucket List

flower boxes

A Walking Tour Of Old-Town Tallinn, Estonia

When I was a child, I was given a family heirloom: A postcard album from great grandparents who had fled Estonia in the late nineteenth century (something to do with my great grandfather's accounting irregularities in the Czar's army). I can't read the cramped script; I can't even tell what language the ...
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cooking school

Learning to Make Pasta in Bologna

Alessandro does not speak English, but that is no impediment to communication. First, because he  has an assistant -- actually, his niece Stefania --  to translate. But more importantly because he communicates perfectly well on his own: He waves his hands,  he demonstrates, he laughs, and just now, he wears ...
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The movie set for the Von Trapp house

The Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg

Our guide is not a big fan of the suspension of disbelief. "So this is where Maria was singing in the mountains," he tells us. We are up high in the Alps of St. Gilgen, above Salzburg, and the tour bus has been alive with the sounds of the The Sound of ...
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Storms can be intense in the Pyrenees

Hiking in the French and Spanish Pyrenees

In  high school French classes, I never learned to say "Is the trail blazed?" or "Where can I buy dry cleaning fluid to use in my camping stove?" or "Please don't shoot me; I didn't know I was camped on private property." All of which I could have used when ...
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