Trips in the British Isles, France, Italy, Spain and the Iberian Peninsula, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Baltic, and Southeastern Europe.

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Europe: The Bucket List

stockholm rooftops

A Rooftop Tour of Stockholm, Sweden

This unusual tour starts by taking an elevator in an unprepossessing building certainly past its prime. We rise to the top floor, then climb a narrow stairway into a cramped attic space where brightly colored climbing gear and shining hardware is neatly organized. I don harness and a helmet, and ...
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St. Petersburg’s Peterhof by Hydrofoil

Summer in St. Petersburg: white nights, cruise ships, guided tours...  and crowds everywhere. Museum queues are reminiscent of bread lines during the Communist years, tour groups are marched through the palaces as if on a conveyor belt, and in some rooms at the Hermitage, you have to practically jump up and ...
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Parma food

Culinary Tours in and around Parma, Italy

Try this the next time you have the chance to chat with an Italian: Tell them you're thinking of going to Emilia Romagna. A dreamy look will pass over their face, and they will say something about the best food in Italy. (Second, of course, to their mother's.) And by ...
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