What to Do in France

Trips in France, including the Alps, Alsace-Lorraine, Auvergne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Corsica, Côte d’Azur, Massif Central, Normandy, Paris, Provence, the Pyrenees, and Strasbourg.

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France: The Bucket List


Pastry counter at Laduree Royale in Paris (Photo credit: MCArnott)

Buying Macarons at Ladurée Pastry-shop in Paris

Will it be a chocolate diamond, a raspberry ruby, or a lavender aquamarine? My taste buds are on alert: I might even have more than three. If there is such a thing as an epicurean gem, this is where to find it. So, why are Ladurée macarons such a big deal? ...
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in the grand scheme of the holocaust, this was a "minor" camp -- but there are still more than enough graves.

Paying Respects at Struthof Concentration Camp in Alsace, France

They put a concentration camp in a tourist town. The gas chamber went next door to the local restaurant, from which patrons could watch the march of the damned. The barracks were a few minutes away from what had been a ski slope. Struthof is a pretty little village in Alsace ...
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Vulcania conic structure houses volcanology exhibits (Credit: MCArnott)

Learning about Volcanology in Auvergne, France

I am holding my breath while other fellow voyagers let out screams of exhilaration. We are tumbling at a vertiginous speed -- so it seems -- into the magma chamber of an active volcano. The idea of hell crosses my mind. Then I remember: We are in a simulator. We haven’t moved ...
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Kayaking down the Ardèche River in France

Kayaking Down the Ardèche River in France

Bonne descente! shouted a man after me and my boyfriend to wish us a good trip down the river. We carried our kayak towards the freezing water in the Ardèche River through a grey and chilled September morning and set out on our second day of paddling in the Ardèche ...
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France: Travel Facts


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