Exploring Disney’s Magic Kingdom with Mom

Mom in Adventureland in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Mom in Adventureland in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Dusk swept in as the jungle drums were beating and torches flickered along the edge of the boat launch. Mom paused for a photo with a tall tiki.

“Send this to Autumn, she’ll love it!” she said, as I snapped the image with my iPhone and emailed it to my niece. We walked down to the landing for the Jungle Cruise, where it took only a few moments to board the boat for a wisecracking cruise that’s been a Magic Kingdom staple since the beginning. Without kids tagging along, we were out for a Mom and daughter trip, reliving my childhood memories while making new ones.

In Your Bucket Because…

  • You love Walt Disney World, or someone you love does.
  • Making memories with family is important to you.
  • You’re a kid at heart.

A Family Tradition

In 1972, we piled into the old station wagon for our first visit to Walt Disney World, a brand-new attraction in Orlando, staying at the Contemporary Resort. How modern the hotel, and Tomorrowland, seemed then! My siblings, their families, and my parents were regulars at the park over the next several decades, where I’d join them for family gatherings and celebrations, like our parents 35th and 45th wedding anniversaries. We lost Dad just shy of their 50th. A few months later, Mom and I spent a girl’s-week-out to her favorite destination, returning to the Contemporary Resort for the first time in over 20 years.

In for Adventure

On Tom Sawyer Island in the Magic Kingdom

On Tom Sawyer Island in the Magic Kingdom

Clinging on as the boat splashed down into a scene of mayhem in Pirates of the Caribbean, we laughed as we saw the vignettes updated with a familiar face – Johnny Depp – from the movies inspired by the ride. Without kids tagging along, we could take our time browsing through Island Supply and the Agrabah Bazaar. It felt freeing, and gave us more options for where to enjoy our lunch and dinner, with no worries about a crowd of picky eaters. Skipping over rides with long lines – like Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – for more gentle adventures, like a walk around Tom Sawyer’s Island, let us explore the park at a leisurely pace. Holding a multi-day park pass, we were in no rush to take it all in, so the Hall of Presidents even made our list on this trip.

A Taste of Fantasy

Racking up points on the Buzz Lightyear Target Spin

Racking up points on the Buzz Lightyear Target Spin

The gentle boat through It’s a Small World came just in time to cool us down in the heat of the day. We’d first shared this ride together at the 1964 World’s Fair, where it debuted. The dark rides of Fantasyland are a great place to duck into during the midday hours. Each one comes with its own set of memories. I remember sailing with my sisters on the Peter Pan ride over the lights of London, a place we’d all eventually visit.

A cruise on the PeopleMover gave us an overview of what to tackle in Tomorrowland. We settled on a few spins of target shooting on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and more shared memories on the Carousel of Progress, another World’s Fair oldie. Mom isn’t a roller-coaster fan, so she shopped while I sped through Space Mountain. Later, we watched the Main Street Electrical Parade, a favorite for both of us.

Revisiting our past through the filter of the Magic Kingdom, we had much to share as we walked around the park. We talked about family members and the fun they had, remembered silly things that happened to us as kids and as adults, and, more than once, found tears in place of smiles as memories of family members lost to us – my sister, my father – jumped out of unexpected corners. But in visiting the park together, on our own, Mom and I made new memories for the future.

It's a Small World after all!

It’s a Small World after all!

What’s New at the Magic Kingdom?

Upgrades are in the works throughout Fantasyland. We could see the construction cranes rising behind Cindarella’s Castle, and could peek through to see what’s in store. A new Enchanted Forest opens December 6, 2012, themed around Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. Dumbo has moved to Storybook Circus – the old ToonTown – and a new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is planned. It will be several years before all the changes are complete.


  • While it’s smaller than the other Disney Parks, expect to do a lot of walking within the Magic Kingdom. If your parents have limited mobility, consider renting a scooter for the duration of your trip. Buena Vista Scooters delivers directly to your hotel.
  • Parents and children have different needs on a theme park outing, but hydration is a common one and important in Florida’s heat. Carry a refillable water bottle for each of you and top it off at every water fountain.
  • If you’re staying nearby, consider taking a break during the midday heat to relax at your hotel room or chill out at the pool – easy to do if you stay at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, since it’s within walking distance and quickly accessed by monorail or boat.


  1. Sandra K. Coll says

    I am a disabled 65-year old woman. I am able to walk but not for very long or not very far without major repurcussions. Some things are just not worth the price I have to pay afterward. Prior to reading this article I had convinced myself to NEVER go to another theme park. Hearing about this mother/daughter experience (one being a senior citizen like myself) now has me excited about returning to Disney World. I particularly like the idea of resting at the hotel midday and/or renting a scooter to make a day at Disney World possible for me and to maximize my enjoyment. THANK YOU SANDRA FRIEND FOR AN EXCELLENT, HEART-WARMING AND INFORMATIVE ARTICLE. (I will, however, wait for cooler weather.)


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