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Who, exactly, doesn’t like good food? Travel the world, and you’ll find a world of flavors. People open up over a local meal; they become expansive and generous and forthcoming, whether or not you add a few bottles of the local brew.

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Food: The Bucket List

Kermit demonstrates the difference between a key lime (right) and Persian lime.

Seeking the Best Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys

Kermit Carpenter runs around wearing a lime green chef’s jacket and toque. David Sloan spent more than six years researching the history of key lime pie and writing The Ultimate Key Lime Pie Cookbook. In July 2013, Key Westers competed for a Guinness World Record for the biggest key lime pie ...
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Shooting Mescal in Oaxaca, Mexico

When most of us think of Mexico and drinking, we inevitably drift to visions of tequila or summertime beers. Margaritas, American by birth, might sneak in there if we’re caught envisioning Mexico as a restaurant with bottomless chips and salsa, gigantic sombreros hanging on the wall. However, if you’re looking ...
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Taking the waters

Taking Tea and the Waters at the Pump Room, Bath, England

You’d think after a lifetime of drinking tea I’d be undeterred by thorny problems of etiquette. But here in the elegant, eighteenth-century Pump Room in Bath I’m suddenly overcome by nerves. Because, as anyone who’s ever picked up a Regency romance -- let alone gone within touching distance of a ...
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Zorba's is equally Greek, Bahamian, and American and where I finally tried sheep tongue souse.

Breakfasting like the Natives on Grand Bahama Island

I may have gulped slightly as I stared down the bowl of “sheep tongue souse” on my breakfast table. I had tried most of the other unusual traditional breakfast dishes during my years of travel to the Bahamas; this visit I was determined to leap out of my comfort zone ...
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Group of traditionally dressed vendors of acarajé in Brazil (©photocoen)

Admiring Brazil’s Traditional Baianas de Acarajé in Salvador da Bahia

Amidst a crowd of typical, T-shirts-and-jeans-wearing Brazilians, a black woman stood out. She wore an intricate, white, lace bodice covered with necklaces above a dark-blue, billowing skirt and a white piece of cloth artistically wrapped around her head. She was deep-frying some sort of snack. I had just arrived in ...
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People dine and dance Inside the historic Auction Hall. (photo credit: Katherine Rodeghier c 2013)

People Watching and Partying at the Fish Market in Hamburg, Germany

The band plays “YMCA” by the Village People and an inebriated young man wearing a bright green stovepipe hat dances with anyone who comes near. In the corner of the expansive room, an elderly woman orders a shot of Jagermeister from a vendor. In the back, a middle-aged couple sits ...
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The lush and elegant back courtyard at Graycliff Hotel.

Experiencing Nassau’s Finest at Graycliff Bahamas

It felt like a sigh of relief: an escape from the theme park hoopla of Atlantis resort and the shopping/boozing throngs just down the hill in downtown Nassau. Graycliff: Its very name strikes respect and appreciation among those who know it. Begun as an utterly gracious historic inn and restaurant, it ...
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Drawing of Slaves on a Wall in the Slave Quarters (©Coen Wubbels)

Absorbing the Story of Slavery and Cachaça in Redenção, Brazil

In 1873 Colonel Simião Jurumenha bought a sugarcane farm and built the cachaça factory of Douradinho, some 80 kilometers south of Fortaleza in northeast Brazil. Ten years later slavery was abolished here, five years before the rest of Brazil. 130 years later, I visited the still functioning factory-cum-museum, which both ...
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