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Who, exactly, doesn’t like good food? Travel the world, and you’ll find a world of flavors. People open up over a local meal; they become expansive and generous and forthcoming, whether or not you add a few bottles of the local brew.

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Food: The Bucket List

Photo by Bruce N. Meyer

Experiencing the American Royal Barbeque Contest in Kansas City

The meeting room at the American Royal building in Kansas City, Missouri, was standing-room only. So I slipped into the back of the room and stood until more tables and chairs arrived. But already, I could smell my purpose for being there. Barbeque. Yum. It was the day before the American Royal Barbeque ...
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Northern Lights in Iceland. Photo by Icelandic Tourist Board

Eating Like A Viking in Iceland

"They really didn't pee on the shark. It only smells that way," my friend is telling me as I peer dubiously at a bowl of white cubes amid the pile of curious Icelandic munchies on a wooden tray. Nothing is more dear to an Icelander than food and in February, after ...
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Hens' feet - a popular snack (Ann Burnett)

Hot-Potting in Chengdu, China

"But I have booked it!" My companion and I looked at each other in dismay. We’d had enough of side trips to various so-called exhibitions or museums that turned out to be nothing more than hard sells. No, we didn’t want jade or silk or our own personal feng shui rotating ...
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Montreal's Jean Talon Market

What to Buy in Montreal: Souvenir Shopping at Jean Talon Market

I didn't prepare for the sensory overload. Peruvian flute players perform in the street in front of me. The smells of flowers and freshly baked cannoli tickle my nose. The vibrant colors and textures of the world's produce dance around me. I had come to Montreal's Jean Talon Market expecting a large ...
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Women sell vegetables, spices, fruit, fresh fish and flowers at market along Thu Bon River in Hoi An in central Vietnam. Here, women sell shrimp and crabs. Photo by Yvette Cardozo

Learning the Art of Vietnamese Cooking from a Hanoi Celebrity Chef

They are EVERYwhere in Vietnam, from the largest city to the smallest village and even aboard tourist boats in Ha Long Bay. No, not T-shirt sellers. We're talking cooking classes. This is THE thing to do in Vietnam and I sampled several. There was the well polished class in Hoi An .. ...
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Our Crab Cake Lunch

Crabbing On Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

"America's Toughest Jobs," this isn't. A couple hours catching crabs off British Columbia's Salt Spring Island is a kick, a pinch, a slosh. And quite tasty. Brought to you by the Hastings House, the crab catch is a few hours of wet, slimy fun. "These traps have been down 10 days .. ...
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Biking in Bordeaux

Biking in Paradise: Cycling and Eating Your Way Through Bordeaux, France

I am lost, on a bicycle, in Bordeaux. Having arrived just hours ago from the U.S. and taken a speed-train down to Bordeaux from Orly Airport, I am armed only with a vague sense of my surroundings and French language skills that can best be described as pre-school level: I ...
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Locally-made leather is a popular buy

Shopping in Majorca: Visiting a Traditional Market in Port de Pollença

I want to buy. I’m walking through the main square of Port de Pollença, on Majorca’s north-eastern coast, and my freshly-exchanged Euros are burning a hole in my pocket. It might be the sunshine (it does make you a little mad), or the smells of fresh food or the shouts ...
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