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Who, exactly, doesn’t like good food? Travel the world, and you’ll find a world of flavors. People open up over a local meal; they become expansive and generous and forthcoming, whether or not you add a few bottles of the local brew.

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Food: The Bucket List

Exploring the Sunday Market in Kashgar, China (©photocoen)

Exploring the Sunday Market in Kasghar, China

With over 50,000 people selling and buying, Kashgar's Sunday Market is the biggest market in China. Its origin goes back to the golden age of the Silk Route when delegations from all different empires came here to trade. Today the market is highlighted in guidebooks as one of northwest China's 'must-sees'. Our ...
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Lush, green vines turn golden as fall enters Sonoma County's Valley of the Moon. l

Exploring Wine Country’s Fall Color in Sonoma County’s Valley of the Moon

  Never a day passes that I don’t marvel at the beauty of where I live, but never more so than when the early fall frenzy of grape-pickers at work, crushers and pressers in motion is over. With the last cluster removed, I watch the vineyards take a deep breath. Lush, ...
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Cornish Pasties

Finding Cornwall’s Best, Authentic, Traditional Pasty

Without the patient GPS lady at my side – “Please make a U-turn at the earliest opportunity” – I’d probably still be wandering Cornwall’s tangled ribbon of world-class, narrow lanes looking for what is purported to be Cornwall’s best pasties. During my ten-day tour of Cornwall, I’d had plentiful opportunities to ...
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Harvesting tea leaves with pruning shears. (©Coen Wubbels)

Hiking Through Munnar’s Tea Plantations in Kerala, India

The world is an ocean of green. We're surrounded by undulating hills blanketed with dark green and soft green tea plants. So many tea plants, all immaculately pruned without an inch sticking out anywhere, is no less than overwhelming. It's a work of art. My partner and I put on our sandals, ...
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Keswick Vineyards

Winery-Hopping around Charlottesville, Virginia

The Chardonnay at Pollak Vineyards tasted of crème brulée and fig. Or was that the Viognier? Our fifth Virginia Charlottesville-Piedmont region winery of the day, my notes were just a wee bit wine-sotted. The Chardonnays and Viogniers were starting to swim together. In Your Bucket Because... Virginia wines are winning awards! ...
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Fish boil in Wisconsin

Feasting at a Fish Boil in Door County, Wisconsin

It just sounds disgusting, no matter how you word it. Fish Boil. Boiled Fish. Boiled white fish. With boiled white potatoes. At best, it doesn’t sound that appealing, but if when in Rome, do as the Romans, then when in Door County, boil fish. Located just north of the city of Green ...
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The Hotel Marques de Riscal was designed by Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry.  Photo by Diana Lambdin Meyer

Touring and Tasting in La Rioja, Spain’s Wine Region

I didn’t understand a word she said, but the spa technician and I smiled at each other anyway. She took my hand and gently dipped it into a mixture of grape seed and honey.  “Caliente,” she said, and I learned a new word in Spanish. The mixture was warm --“caliente” -- and ...
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Mahane Yehuda market fills with people on a Friday afternoon (Photo by Rachael Cerrotti)

Eating Your Way Through Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market

Nir walked onto our bus with a decadent smelling plastic container fogged over from freshly baked warmth. This was one of the perks of having locals on our trip: Being Israeli, Nir had known exactly where to go when our tour group stopped at Mahane Yehuda market. He passed back the ...
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