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Who, exactly, doesn’t like good food? Travel the world, and you’ll find a world of flavors. People open up over a local meal; they become expansive and generous and forthcoming, whether or not you add a few bottles of the local brew.

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Food: The Bucket List

Eating Traditional Fish and Chips in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland

  “D’you want salt and sauce with that?” offers the man behind the counter. My face twists in disgust. No: I absolutely do not. “Salt and vinegar, please.” I’m in the Fife fishing village of Anstruther, on the opposite side of the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh. I’m with a friend ...
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Cooking classes in Riviera Maya

Eating Riviera Maya in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

To once and for all satisfy my ever-crave for Mexican food autentica: Es posible? I was salivating to give it a try as I made my recent plans for the Riviera Maya, a slice of Yucatan coastline where seafood and rich Maya tradition stir up an intriguing cultural stew. Who knew that ...
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Heart Attack Grill Poster doesn't Promote Health Food

High-risk Lunch at the Heart Attack Grill

Combating obesity and healthy eating dominate the media these days.  Michelle Obama crusades against childhood obesity and HBO airs documentaries on the subject.  In this environment, calling your restaurant ‘The Heart Attack Grill’ seems audacious and risky, but there is such a place and I felt compelled to check it ...
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Malay cooking feature

Cook with Shuk: Learn Malay Cooking in the Jungle

Shukri talks non-stop as he chops the vegetables: pak choi and carrots, tomatoes and red onions. Fingers flying, he tells us about Malay village customs, such as the slaughter of a water buffalo for a wedding feast, or the assembly of the whole village when the first pole of a ...
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Pickled Lemons in Bulk at the Food Market (credit MCArnott)

Buying Moroccan Food at Tangier’s Market

A maze of crooked streets in the medina, lead soldiers at the Forbes Museum, annoying haggling in the souks, perfumes at Medini’s, antiques at Majid’s, traditional crafts at the Centre de l’Artisannat… These are the sights and sounds of Tangier. But its pulse is truly taken through the taste buds. Don’t ...
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cooking school

Learning to Make Pasta in Bologna

Alessandro does not speak English, but that is no impediment to communication. First, because he  has an assistant -- actually, his niece Stefania --  to translate. But more importantly because he communicates perfectly well on his own: He waves his hands,  he demonstrates, he laughs, and just now, he wears ...
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Parma food

Culinary Tours in and around Parma, Italy

Try this the next time you have the chance to chat with an Italian: Tell them you're thinking of going to Emilia Romagna. A dreamy look will pass over their face, and they will say something about the best food in Italy. (Second, of course, to their mother's.) And by ...
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