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Cycling hits the sweet spot. You’re on your own, under your own power, but you can go a lot farther than you can on your own two feet. Parking is a breeze, and you can leave the highways for trails and old railway beds.

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Cycling: The Bucket List

Electric-assist cycling in Provence

Perhaps you’ve wanted for a long time to see Provence, and have heard that the best way to do it is to go on a bicycle tour. But you’re afraid you’re too out of shape, or no longer have the stamina for daily rides through rolling hills and vineyards. Well, you’re out ...
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Lakeside vistas around Inverness

Pedaling Florida’s Withlacoochee State Trail

One minute I was looking for gators from the sandy shore of Lake Holathlikaha; 20 minutes later I was browsing through framed photographs and paintings and sculptures by some of Florida’s most talented artists. Scenic Withlacoochee State Trail, one of Florida's longest rails-to-trails paved pathways, skirts the Withlacoochee State Forest and passes through ...
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Blue Mountain coffee in bloom.

Getting High in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains

Folks are friendly in the mountains of Jamaica, but in an unpracticed way. They will tell you how to behave and it’s always best to listen for your own sake: They’re almost always right. Then they’ll tell you a funny story. Definitely listen to that. To illustrate: We had walked from ...
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Tree roots grow over a temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Exploring the Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia by Bicycle

I'm covered in sweat. Sweat is pouring down my back under my t-shirt, and my hair is soaked. I don't mind the sweat, because I'm looking at my favorite temple in the Angkor Archaeological Park so far: Ta Phrom. Unfortunately there are about a million other people looking at it ...
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Indy's Cultural Trail is great for walking or biking. (©Melanie Radzicki McManus)

Cycling the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

The feeling is a bit disconcerting, yet wonderfully freeing. I'm biking in bustling downtown Indianapolis, amidst all the people and traffic, yet I don't have to worry about a thing — errant pedestrians, sniffing dogs, motorists opening their car doors just as I'm gliding past. I'm on the city's Cultural ...
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Wat Mahathat, Ayutthaya, Thailand

Exploring the Historic City of Ayutthaya, Thailand, by Bicycle

As I park my bicycle next to a 7/11 and a collection of souvenir shops, I realize Ayutthaya is not going to be the step back in time I hoped it would be. It feels more like a history theme park. Before I came to Ayutthaya – the old capital of ...
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Biking in Bordeaux

Biking in Paradise: Cycling and Eating Your Way Through Bordeaux, France

I am lost, on a bicycle, in Bordeaux. Having arrived just hours ago from the U.S. and taken a speed-train down to Bordeaux from Orly Airport, I am armed only with a vague sense of my surroundings and French language skills that can best be described as pre-school level: I ...
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Naxi women in Yunnan's Countryside (©Coen Wubbels)

Cycling in Yunnan’s Countryside Around Lijang, China

They laugh when Coen sign languages if he can join them. Their faces are skeptical. "A foreigner? Playing mahjong?" But they see he is serious and one of them gets up. "Take my place," he motions. How do you learn this complicated game in the company of people with whom you ...
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