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Cycling hits the sweet spot. You’re on your own, under your own power, but you can go a lot farther than you can on your own two feet. Parking is a breeze, and you can leave the highways for trails and old railway beds.

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Cycling: The Bucket List

Cycling the shore road along Passamaquoddy Bay was deceptively easy.

Cycling in a Kilt in St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick

Ever since I first heard about New Brunswick's Off Kilter Bike, I've wanted to try it. I mean, it's biking in kilts. How cool is that? In Canada's Maritimes, it sometimes seems as though every second person has a set of bagpipes squirrelled away in the basement, and spends their weekends ...
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Bagan Pagodas

Exploring the Temples of Bagan, Myanmar, by Bicycle

"One more photo. Please??" I wrap my arm around the young girl's tiny waist and smile. It is barely 9 am, but I have already posed for at least 20 photos that will soon decorate homes around Myanmar. Everyone around me is dressed in their Sunday bests for visiting the Ananda ...
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Tel Aviv from the Bike Path

Exploring Tel Aviv, Israel, by Bicycle

The traffic is snarled and the rules of engagement remind me of a cross between the New Jersey Turnpike and mid-town Manhattan during a gridlock alert. Finding a parking space looks to be a national sport – although one with very few rules, as people park anywhere and everywhere. Israel ...
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central park

Sightseeing in New York City by Bicycle

Out-of-towners often are aghast when I say I ride a bicycle for transportation and fun in Manhattan. They hear “bicycles” and think “EEEEK! Traffic! Potholes! Trucks!” I used to laugh and reply, “it’s a death-defying experience.” Now, I see it as a life-affirming one. As a native, I have been biking ...
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