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Hit the open road! Group tours provide guided commentary and information you may not encounter on your own, but limit your independence. Public transportation is authentic, but can be time-consuming and require lots of logistics. Having (or renting) your own vehicle frees up your schedule and your itinerary, not to mention allows you to poke around at anything that catches your fancy. From leaf peeping in New England to four-wheel driving across Bolivia’s salt flats to navigating the cliffs and waterfalls of Maui’s infamous Highway to Hana, our authors get behind the wheel with only whimsy (and a GPS) to guide them: The rest is sheer adventure.

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Driving: The Bucket List

Old Rag

Savoring Fall on Skyline Drive

Mid-October is prime time for fall color in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, best soaked up along its hiking trails and on a leisurely drive along the 105-mile Skyline Drive between Front Royal and Waynesboro. Fall is the finale for the national park, as visitor facilities shut down for the ...
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Four-wheeling in Icelandic lava fields.

Off-roading ATVs in Icelandic Lava Fields

A few fillings remained in my teeth after my first ATV drive through the lava fields of southwest Iceland.  So, despite that small mishap where I rear-ended the machine in front of me (oops!), I was ready to do it again a couple of days later. In Your Bucket Because... You ...
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Carving at the Trees of Mystery park in Klamath, California (Photo MCArnott)

Pondering Old Growth Forests at the Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California

I am looking at the top of a tree that is so tall, I have to hug it to keep my balance. Let's do the math: It was a seedling around the time Christopher Columbus discovered America. Before the 1800s, the American Northwest was still a dangerous frontier, with uncharted coastlines that became ...
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Lake Mead Near Boulder City, Nevada

Touring Lake Mead, Nevada, by Automobile

The water in Lake Mead is so blue I forget I am in a desert. I have a panoramic view looking out the windshield of our automobile pitched upward, as though we are flying into the sky, which is equally as blue. Then we descend the hill at break-neck speed ...
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Driving Through the Chandelier Tree

Driving Through a Redwood in Northern California

It seemed mythical when I was a child: There were actually trees in California that people could drive a car through. I couldn’t help but envision a busy freeway running through the forest, occasionally sending commuters tunneling through the trunks of trees the size of buildings. The legend rivaled the ...
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Two motorbikes in Sardinia

Motorbiking in Sardinia, Italy

"Sardinia," explains my motorbike-obsessed friend, "is a motorbiking heaven". Here's why: there is little traffic. The roads have lots of curves. There are amazing coastal roads (with lots of curves) and amazing mountain roads (with lots of curves). And – here comes the best part – you can drive fast, because ...
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Pangong Lake, Ladakh, India

Road-Tripping to Remote and Quiet Pangong Lake, Ladakh, India

I'm feeling quite intrepid. I am sitting on the back of my boyfriend's Royal Enfield motorbike and we have just crossed the third highest motorable mountain pass in the world, Chang La in India's Ladakh. We are heading towards Pangong Tso, a salt water lake in east Ladakh at around ...
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Lush, green vines turn golden as fall enters Sonoma County's Valley of the Moon. l

Exploring Wine Country’s Fall Color in Sonoma County’s Valley of the Moon

  Never a day passes that I don’t marvel at the beauty of where I live, but never more so than when the early fall frenzy of grape-pickers at work, crushers and pressers in motion is over. With the last cluster removed, I watch the vineyards take a deep breath. Lush, ...
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