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Hit the open road! Group tours provide guided commentary and information you may not encounter on your own, but limit your independence. Public transportation is authentic, but can be time-consuming and require lots of logistics. Having (or renting) your own vehicle frees up your schedule and your itinerary, not to mention allows you to poke around at anything that catches your fancy. From leaf peeping in New England to four-wheel driving across Bolivia’s salt flats to navigating the cliffs and waterfalls of Maui’s infamous Highway to Hana, our authors get behind the wheel with only whimsy (and a GPS) to guide them: The rest is sheer adventure.

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Driving: The Bucket List

The Summit of Colorado's 14,264-foot Mt. Evans

Driving the Mt. Evans Scenic Byway: A Colorado Fourteener for Anyone

As any mountaineer knows, a "fourteener" is a summit at least 14,000 feet in elevation. Colorado has 54 of these peaks, more than any other state, and though my rope and piton days are over, I wanted to stand tall on one of these treeless, windswept promontories. Fortunately, Colorado's Mt ...
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Looking up Glen Nevis

Following a Geological Trail in Scotland’s Glen Nevis

I’ve chosen the wrong companion for my geological time travel adventure: Like most girls of her age, the only type of rocks my daughter is interested in are the ones you find sparkling on the fingers of the Real Housewives of Orange County. "Get out into the river," I instruct, "and ...
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Mount Cook inthe distance.  Photo by Bruce N. Meyer

Touring New Zealand by Motor Home

"We'll pay for that," I called to the campground owner as my husband and I plowed our way over a flowerbed and into our first night in a motor home on New Zealand's South Island. It was a line I feared I would use often in the coming days.  Not only ...
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Che Guevara Trail in Bolivia (photo credit: Coen Wubbels)

Following the Che Guevara Trail around Vallegrande in Bolivia

I stare down in an empty grave. Packed-down earth is surrounded by brick walls and a fence to prevent visitors from accidentally falling in. Seven stones bear the names of the persons who were buried here, underneath an airstrip, for thirty years. Ernesto Che Guevara's Life in a Nutshell The grave is ...
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Lago Aluminé, Lake District Argentina (photo credit: Coen Wubbels)

Off the Beaten Tracks around Argentina’s Lake District

I follow a winding trail along the slopes, which demands a bit of clambering over slippery rocks. I pick another handful of those juicy blackberries along the path, which constitute my breakfast. At a stream, I strip and lower myself into one of the shallow pools sheltered by rocks. Water ...
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Rodeo along Chile's Carretera Austral (photo credit: Coen Wubbels)

A Road Trip Down Chile’s Carretera Austral

Two men with furrowed faces under wide sombreros enter the arena. Callused hands leisurely hold the reins of the horses and short ponchos striped in natural colors fall around the cowboys' shoulders. A gate is opened, a young bull set loose. Let the game begin!Read More ...
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View of Salar de Uyuni from Isla Inca Huasi, Bolivia (photo credit: Coen Wubbels)

Driving the World’s Largest Salt Flats: Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Hexagonal tiles of salt stretch to the horizon, hemmed in by bluish mountains. The crunching of salt crystals beneath my feet sounds like stepping on fresh snow. I'm encompassed by total silence in an otherworldly spectacle that is largely devoid of life.Read More ...
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Hana produce

Driving Maui’s Hana Highway

The road narrows to a single lane. On my right is a cliff. On my left is the downside of the cliff: No guardrail, and a thousand foot drop into the Pacific. A truck coming the other way thinks it's going to get by me. It doesn't have a choice: ...
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