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Many of the trips on this site would be great choices for some kids, depending on age and interest, but on this page, we’ve identified the trips that are either specially designed for kids and families, or activities that consistently get great reviews from kids across the board.

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Family-Friendly Trips: The Bucket List

Booted Racket Tail Hummingbird (©photocoen)

Watching Hummingbirds at the Mashpi Lodge in Ecuador

Purple-Crowned Fairies, Green-Crowned Wood Nymphs and Violet-Tailed Sylphs were fluttering all around me. Had I just landed in an elf forest? It most certainly felt like it. Surrounded by a towering wilderness of forested mountains with grey clouds closing in or receding just as suddenly, the area felt mystical enough ...
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Itaipu Dam in Paraguay (©photocoen)

Touring the Largest Hydroelectric Power Plant in the World, Paraguay

I read some facts and figures that simply boggled my mind: The construction of the Itaipu Dam, for which 50 million tons of rock were moved, took 16 years [1975-1991]. The dam is 643 feet high and almost 5 miles long. The plant has 20 generators, which altogether have a ...
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Halloween-style jail in the Joan of Arc Garden in Québec City (Photo: MCArnott)

Hounding Halloween Ghosts in Québec City, Canada

A giant spider crawls on the side of an office building. A sailing ship has run aground in front of Québec City Hall. Halloween decorations set the tone for our family visit to Québec City, with grandchildren in tow. Ships have a lot to do with the history of this city: ...
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Field of Dreams movie site

Finding magic at the Field of Dreams

Where I grew up, the saying was the corn should be "knee high by the Fourth of July." It's Independence Day in Dyersville, Iowa, and the corn is over my head. I can't help but walk into the tall stalks, disappearing from sight like a whisper. It's there, and I ...
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Maine Windjammers off Rockland (Photo by Stillman Rogers)

Sailing on Maine Windjammer Angelique

My husband Tim is a sailing ship nut who could happily spend day after day standing on a swaying deck watching the sails billow and the shore slide past. Born a century earlier, he might have run away to sea as a cabin boy. But would 12-year-old Mary and I ...
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Lakeside vistas around Inverness

Pedaling Florida’s Withlacoochee State Trail

One minute I was looking for gators from the sandy shore of Lake Holathlikaha; 20 minutes later I was browsing through framed photographs and paintings and sculptures by some of Florida’s most talented artists. Scenic Withlacoochee State Trail, one of Florida's longest rails-to-trails paved pathways, skirts the Withlacoochee State Forest and passes through ...
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