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The peace of a quiet garden! For travelers, time to reflect and relax is essential: The joys of traveling are matched only by the rigors of moving from city to city, schedules in mind and suitcases in hand. What better place to process what you’ve seen than a garden, whether it’s a formal French chateau, a sprawling English manor house, or a display of cacti in the Arizona desert?

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Gardens and Arboretums: The Bucket List


Walking in Thomas Jefferson’s Footsteps at Monticello

The piercing ring of metal striking metal mingles with the sizzling fumes of a roaring forge. On Mulberry Row, a worker pounds smelted ore into nails – a mainstay of life at Monticello, circa 1790. Nearby, two men shape softened wood into strips for baskets. Another, a cooper, bends wood ...
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The orange trees of Cordoba's Alcazar

Walking Beside the Orange Trees at Córdoba’s Alcazar

The gardens of Córdoba’s Alcazar may be smaller than those of rival palaces in Seville and Granada, but they are still impressive. Even in the rain. I had walked through Córdoba’s UNESCO listed historic centre, from the magnificent La Mezquita and through little winding streets where Spanish culture vies with Moorish ...
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Traveller palm tree

Entering the Enchanted World of Sunnyside Gardens, Grenada

The first thing we saw when we arrived at Sunnyside Gardens was tortoises. Lots of them. Randy picked one up and turned it on its back. It's a ritual they've engaged in more than once. Randy lives and works on the property with his parents, and his wife and son; his ...
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Azaleas in bloom at Maclay Gardens

Chasing Camellias at Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park, Tallahassee

Three camellias. The blossoms sat in a silver dish in the parlor near the door of the Maclay House. I'd seen them there on several different visits to the manor home, always freshly picked, always a trio. I asked the docent why. "It was Mrs. Maclay's wish," she said, "and a ...
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Camellia Garden, Dorothy B. Oven Park

Seeking Spring Blooms at Dorothy B. Oven Park in Tallahassee

Walking beneath ancient live oaks downhill from the manor home, I spotted the bright blossoms from quite a distance. "I bet those are flame azaleas!" One of the showiest of native azaleas in the Southeast, Florida flame azalea stands out in spring with its brilliant flash of golden orange against ...
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Touring Goodwood Museum and Gardens in Tallahassee, Florida

Amid the relaxed grandeur of a Southern plantation, it was the daffodils that caught our attention. In such a formal space, atop one of Tallahassee's highest hills, an estate dating back to the 1830s, you'd expect to greet daffodils in neat formal rows. These ones ran wild, skipping across the ...
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