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The peace of a quiet garden! For travelers, time to reflect and relax is essential: The joys of traveling are matched only by the rigors of moving from city to city, schedules in mind and suitcases in hand. What better place to process what you’ve seen than a garden, whether it’s a formal French chateau, a sprawling English manor house, or a display of cacti in the Arizona desert?

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Gardens and Arboretums: The Bucket List

Hunte's Gardens, Barbados

Wandering among the Plants at Hunte’s Gardens, Barbados

It isn’t the biggest garden I have ever visited, but it is certainly the most remarkable. I am surrounded by plants of every conceivable hue, their colours heightened by the recent rain. Our guide, Jamie Lee, cautions us to watch our step on the steep path, and then the unexpected ...
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Plants in the tropics grow large and fast. /

Wandering Tropical Trails at the Belize Botanical Garden

I have no way to know what the Garden of Eden looked like, but in my imagination, it looks just this: Palms and ferns grow exuberantly, birds dot in and out of the foliage, and everywhere there is green -- blue green, bright green, yellow green, dull green -- punctuated ...
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Ficus Pumilia (Creeping Fig) at Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como.

Boating to Villa del Balbianello’s Garden on Lake Como

  I am sitting on a taxi-boat instead of walking through a trail from the Lenno dock to Villa del Balbianello on the wooded promontory. The trail is closed on Mondays. Things must happen for a reason because glimpsing the villa through the trees couldn't have matched the stunning setting I see from the ...
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Tiptoeing Through the Tulips in Holland, Michigan

    In the tradition of Dutch cleanliness, the street had to be scrubbed before the parade began. Down the street the swab brigade came, dressed in authentic Dutch costumes, buckets of water sloshing, brooms swishing. To my surprise, suddenly I was no longer a bystander. One of the brigade handed me a ...
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Geyser Lake at Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum

Tracing Monuments of History at Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum in Cincinnati, Ohio

I slow to a stroll along the two-lane road, which passes under a railroad trestle bridge then takes a gentle angle upward. Gazing at the tops of trees took precedent after all; I am impressed by the towering specimens’ ability to block out the blue sky. Despite the fresh scent ...
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Blenheim Palace, England

Following in the Steps of Winston Churchill at Blenheim Palace, England

The first thing I notice when we turn into the grand drive of Blenheim Palace is a woman (or should I say a lady?) in a flowery dress and a big hat. A moment’s panic, while I wonder if I am suitably dressed for such august surroundings, but I relax ...
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