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The peace of a quiet garden! For travelers, time to reflect and relax is essential: The joys of traveling are matched only by the rigors of moving from city to city, schedules in mind and suitcases in hand. What better place to process what you’ve seen than a garden, whether it’s a formal French chateau, a sprawling English manor house, or a display of cacti in the Arizona desert?

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Gardens and Arboretums: The Bucket List

La Posada Hotel Has its Own Food and Ornamental Gardens (courtesy Chuck Eirschele)

Visiting the Gardens at La Posada Hotel and the Turquoise Room in Winslow, Arizona

We have stopped to eat lunch at The Turquoise Room, a restaurant attached to the La Posada, a hotel in Winslow, Arizona. When I arrived at our table, my husband and my cousin were already digging into bowls of The Signature Soup of chef and owner John Sharpe. Truth be ...
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Malta's Palazzo Parisio

Following the Footsteps of the Knights of St. John into Palazzo Parisio’s Gardens in Malta

"You can't miss Palazzo Parisio", I was told. "Just look kitty-corner from the bus stop on Naxxar’s main square and there it will be." But somehow I was missing it. Yes, there was the parish church just as described, grandiose as a cathedral, but where was the grandiose palazzo? “Right there,” ...
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The emperor once  rode through the waterways of Kokedera on a boat, his way lit by candles.

Visiting Kokedera – Kyoto’s Garden Muffled in Moss

Moss gone amuck was not intended to be the garden’s definitive element when Muso Soseki, a 14th century Zen priest and famed garden designer, created the gardens surrounding Saiho-ji temple. That would come centuries later, muffling a design rare and original for its time – a garden intended to be ...
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Desert Rose Garden in the Shadow of Palm Trees

The Rose Garden Arizona-style at Mesa Community College

The Rose Garden takes me by complete surprise. Newly relocated to Arizona, my husband and I had been out driving when we turned into Mesa Community College and discovered this oasis of abundant color and smells. It has been a long time since I was excited by a rose garden, ...
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Flowers in February at Kew Gardens (photo credit: Jill Browne)

Smelling the Flowers at Kew Gardens, London, England

I’m looking at hundreds, possibly thousands, of orchid blossoms in one of the world’s absolute best plant places: Kew Gardens, London. The waxy lustre of the extravagant petals gives the deceptive impression that these plants are indestructible. Hardly so. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is one of the world leaders in plant ...
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