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Best kept secret by history teachers: History is *really* interesting. It’s just that it’s a whole lot more exciting to learn about the ancient Nabateans when you’re riding on a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Petra than to yawn through a history book. From Petra to Kilwa, from the pyramids of the Mundo Mayo to the pyramids of Egypt, from the temples of Thailand to the lost city of Machu Picchu, from the ruins of Athens, Rome, and Stonehenge: Our writers bring you the stories and pictures that bring the past to life. And they take you to living history, as well: to the vibrant arts and cultural attractions that make each destination unique.

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Historic & Cultural Sites: The Bucket List

Erichtheion, Athens

Immersing Myself in History at the Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Walking through the narrow, dusty streets of the Plaka, with the occasional broken pavement and a strong scent of pine everywhere, you have little sense of the grandeur that awaits you. Not just the majesty of the ancient buildings and their spectacular hilltop location, but the enormity of being where ...
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Visiting Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

As I approached the magnificent building from the west, a banner above the entrance door announced the forthcoming Victorian Hot Rod Association’s 50th anniversary show. The banner looked glaringly incongruous. Yet it emphasised the fact that here was a building that, despite its 135-year age, was still being used for ...
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Gobi Desert Camels (Roberta Sotonoff)

Wandering Mongolia’s Gobi Desert

It’s a little over a one-hour flight south from Ulaanbaatar to Dalanzadgad, the gateway to the Gobi Desert. For centuries, nomadic tribes, along with their goats, chickens and gers (foldable circular tents or yurts) roamed this desert by foot, horse or camel. I do the same in an air-conditioned four-wheel-drive ...
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British Museum

Discovering the Treasures of the British Museum

The tube had just gone on strike. That hour. Snarled with traffic, London's streets looked hopeless for a taxi ride. It was only a mile on foot, according to Google Maps, to see the world's greatest repository of archaeological artifacts under one roof. Normally, that wouldn't be a challenge, but ...
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Machu Picchu, Peru

Peru in Pictures

  Lima An energetic city of nearly 10 million people, Spanish-built Lima combines an old-world colonial heart with the hustle of a developing metropolis. At the city center, cathedrals preside over graceful town squares from which the spreading metropolis radiates outwards -- more and more with each passing year. Public transportation has ...
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Old tea crates have been incorporated into the display

Exploring Nautical History at London’s Cutty Sark

Greenwich was busier than usual. The river was full of sailing ships, here for the Tall Ships Festival, and it seemed as if all London had turned out for the event. So I wasn’t sure about visiting the Cutty Sark, a popular visitor attraction at the best of times. But ...
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