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Best kept secret by history teachers: History is *really* interesting. It’s just that it’s a whole lot more exciting to learn about the ancient Nabateans when you’re riding on a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Petra than to yawn through a history book. From Petra to Kilwa, from the pyramids of the Mundo Mayo to the pyramids of Egypt, from the temples of Thailand to the lost city of Machu Picchu, from the ruins of Athens, Rome, and Stonehenge: Our writers bring you the stories and pictures that bring the past to life. And they take you to living history, as well: to the vibrant arts and cultural attractions that make each destination unique.

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Historic & Cultural Sites: The Bucket List

Interior Wieskirche Church, Germany (Photo credit: Amy S Eckert, c 2013)

Admiring Germany’s Wieskirche Church, UNESCO World Heritage Site

If there is a perfect example of Bavarian rococo architecture, the Wieskirche Church is probably it. Set among verdant, rolling Alpine foothills, surrounded by Bavarian farms and accessible by narrow country roads, the Wieskirche also comes pretty close to being the perfect example of a true hidden gem. The tiny town ...
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Visiting the Durham Home of the Prince Bishops

It is difficult to imagine a defensive structure more strategically situated. Guarded by steep slopes descending to an almost complete loop of the River Wear, Durham Castle remained impregnable for eight centuries. Yet even this fortress is dwarfed by the huge cathedral that shares its peninsula. Having grown organically through centuries, ...
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Indegenous Women in Silvia

Sauntering through Silvia on Market Day in Rural Colombia

There is something so striking about an indigenous population sporting a load of British-style bowler hats a la Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange, but travel for a little while in South America and you are bound to run into it. My first time to see this was even stranger because it ...
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Navigating Prague’s Christmas Markets

It feels as though I am swimming upstream in a school of fish. I must look down to pay attention to the uneven cobblestone streets, which while romantic in looks, provide an ongoing challenge in balance. I immediately regretted giving in to the handwritten signs for svařak, the hot mulled ...
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Prehistoric Pile Dwellings Museum, Unteruhldingen, Germany (Photo credit: Amy S Eckert, c 2013)

Discovering Prehistoric German Dwellings, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Alpine chalets. Half-timbered wood-and-stucco houses. Long house-and-barn combos brimming with flower boxes. I had seen hundreds of these houses in southern Germany and Switzerland, in the Alpine landscape surrounding Lake Constance. Houses perched above water, on stilts? Impossible! A visit to the Pile Dwelling (Pfahlbau) Museum in Unteruhldingen, Germany, convinced me of just ...
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Journeying Through 1000 Years of Polish-Jewish History at Warsaw’s POLIN Museum

I close my eyes and imagine walking through a forest, the wind whispers in my ear telling me that I am home. I should rest here. If you allow yourself the freedom to put yourself in this place, you could be in Polin. And if you have the desire to ...
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