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Best kept secret by history teachers: History is *really* interesting. It’s just that it’s a whole lot more exciting to learn about the ancient Nabateans when you’re riding on a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Petra than to yawn through a history book. From Petra to Kilwa, from the pyramids of the Mundo Mayo to the pyramids of Egypt, from the temples of Thailand to the lost city of Machu Picchu, from the ruins of Athens, Rome, and Stonehenge: Our writers bring you the stories and pictures that bring the past to life. And they take you to living history, as well: to the vibrant arts and cultural attractions that make each destination unique.

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Historic & Cultural Sites: The Bucket List

Hand painted altar in a Franciscan church (©photocoen).

Discovering Franciscan Churches around Asunción, Paraguay

It all started with a photo: a beautiful photograph of an old wooden altar featuring an angel killing a devil, painted in blue tinges. Some of the paint had chipped off and the wood was damaged, and it was clearly a piece from colonial times. The accompanying text told me ...
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Völklinger Hütte (photo credit: Amy S. Eckert c 2014)

Exploring Germany’s Industrial Heritage at UNESCO Site Völklinger Hütte

A city of rusting steel greets my eyes. No, not a city. A metropolis. Situated on the banks of the Saar River, just a stone’s throw from France and downriver from Saarbrücken, Völklinger Hütte towers over the landscape, the empty shell of one of the world’s largest ironworks. Its blast furnaces ...
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Gondolas on the Grand Canal Venice

Discovering Venice’s Grand Canal by Vaporetto

From the main gateways of Piazalle Roma and Santa Lucia rail station to Piazza San Marco, Venice's Grand Canal carves a sweeping S through the heart of the city. A journey along the 2.5-mile canal takes passengers past some of the city’s most iconic palaces and churches, but to me, ...
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The soccer museum in São Paulo's Pacaembu Stadium. (©photocoen)

Reliving Games in Brazil’s Soccer Museum of São Paulo

"The defeat of all defeats," the Brazilian headlines recently cried after Brazil's devastating loss against Germany in the World Cup 2014. Losing 7 to 1 on your own territory in the semi finals is a major crushing indeed. For the second time Brazil organized the World Cup, and for the ...
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The stones of Stonehenge

Standing in awe of Stonehenge

With winds howling beneath cloud-dotted skies, we walked in the sunshine - a rarity, said the folks around us - on a well-marked path up a hill to the world's most iconic circle of stones, Stonehenge. Despite the winds, despite being confined to a narrow path lined with rubber mats, ...
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The Old City

Scaling the Walls of Cartagena

Having traveled quite a bit in Central America, with some unfortunate soirees in the rather gruesome metropolises, the first surprise I got from Cartagena was that people — droves of people — were still out on the streets at night. My flight had touched down after dark, approaching nine o’clock, ...
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