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There are a million hotels out there. At BucketTripper, we’re featuring those with a story: The hotels, resorts, and spas we cover all have something special, whether it’s a connection with community or environment, or a special take on luxury or super programs for kids, adults, families, or any combination. We’re looking for more than gold-plated faucets and million-dollar renovations. We’re looking for places that have connections with culture, history, environment, wildlife, and local people. When we find places to stay that make you feel a connection to the place you’re in — we’ll share them with you here.

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Hotels, Resorts, and Spas: The Bucket List

Blue Mountain coffee in bloom.

Getting High in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains

Folks are friendly in the mountains of Jamaica, but in an unpracticed way. They will tell you how to behave and it’s always best to listen for your own sake: They’re almost always right. Then they’ll tell you a funny story. Definitely listen to that. To illustrate: We had walked from ...
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Players and caddies ride on a golf cart at Nirwana Bali (Photo credit: MCArnott)

Teeing-off over Rice Paddies at Nirwana Golf Club in Bali, Indonesia

She briefly scouts the fairway and points to my ball, in a narrow ditch along a rice paddy. All eyes are on me as I give it my best shot. When a splash of mud squirts in all directions including mine, I am miffed. Yet, my caddy smiles and my ...
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Photo by Tim Rock/Kosrae Nautilus Resort. Diver inspects one of the many coral heads at Hiroshi Point. Kosrae, Micronesia.

Diving Kosrae, A Hidden Treasure

Okay, you won’t be able to do this in many other places, if any: From arrival of your jet in Kosrae, Micronesia, to scuba dive site: 30 minutes. Customs took 20 seconds and a guy from Kosrae Village Ecolodge (KVR) was waiting for me. We grabbed my hand luggage (only carry-on with ...
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The rugged black-sand beach of Rosalie Bay

Tuning into Dominica at Rosalie Bay Eco-Resort

I ended up with a riverside suite at Rosalie Bay boutique eco-resort, rather than a room oceanside. I was immediately glad it worked out that way. The view and chortling of the rocky Rosalie River was soothing and oh-so apropos for the mountainous east Caribbean island of Dominica, which claims ...
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A Topper in the Amazon Rainforest: Pasensie Guesthouse in Suriname

I sit on the landing stage. The moon glistens on the Suriname River and the rainforest across the river has become a black wall. Croaking frogs and chirping crickets penetrate the silence of the night. I have traveled deep into the Surinamese rainforest. Drums that are being played in Pikin Slee ...
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Red rock hiking Utah

Spa Life Rocks at Red Mountain Resort, Utah

Sipping a Prickly Pear Champagne Cocktail on the patio as the setting sun changes the colors of the surrounding mountains, I wonder why I ever declared myself “NOT a spa person.” Oh yeah…it was the thought of self-consciously traipsing through luxurious surroundings in a resort-issued robe and slippers to be purged ...
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