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There are a million hotels out there. At BucketTripper, we’re featuring those with a story: The hotels, resorts, and spas we cover all have something special, whether it’s a connection with community or environment, or a special take on luxury or super programs for kids, adults, families, or any combination. We’re looking for more than gold-plated faucets and million-dollar renovations. We’re looking for places that have connections with culture, history, environment, wildlife, and local people. When we find places to stay that make you feel a connection to the place you’re in — we’ll share them with you here.

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Hotels, Resorts, and Spas: The Bucket List

Atlantis view from Royal Tower

Indulging Watery Fantasies at Atlantis in the Bahamas

My taxi driver dropped me at the wrong spot, so I ended up tugging my luggage through a mammoth casino with all the blinking glitz of Vegas. Massive sea-suggestive Dale Chihuly glass sculptures and the ka-ching of slots greeted my arrival, then a towering atrium decorated with outrageous mythical sculptures, ...
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Abaco Beach Resort

Being a Kid Bahamian-Style at Abaco Beach Resort

After a crafts session on the beach, the kids headed for the docks to go fishing. It may sound like an ordinary kids program on an ordinary day at a sunny beach resort, but what makes the difference at Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbour in the northern Bahamas is ...
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A Crowd Gathering on the River

On the River at Finca Tatin in Guatemala

We’d left Guatemala City some eight hours prior on a “first class” bus, which entails the extra feature of receiving a bottle of water midway through the ride and action movies dubbed in Spanish. It had been a long trip, with a late taxi, a missed (regular-class) bus, and a ...
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The lush and elegant back courtyard at Graycliff Hotel.

Experiencing Nassau’s Finest at Graycliff Bahamas

It felt like a sigh of relief: an escape from the theme park hoopla of Atlantis resort and the shopping/boozing throngs just down the hill in downtown Nassau. Graycliff: Its very name strikes respect and appreciation among those who know it. Begun as an utterly gracious historic inn and restaurant, it ...
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Yogis Often Host Retreats at the Lodge

Feeling Antigua, Guatemala’s Local Vibe in the Earth Lodge of Aldea El Hato

I first visited Earth Lodge, located in the town of Aldea El hato near Antigua, Guatemala, when the “lodge” itself was a dining room smaller than the one in my childhood home and a fairly dank “movie room” about the size of a walk-in closet. The toilets were of the ...
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Plunging into the Russian Bath

I had heard just enough about the Russian bath ritual to mildly terrify me: Most of all, the cold plunge. Stepping from the heat, a bather must find a source of frigidness and jump in. This can be, and often is, a snow bank outside the bathhouse or pool formed ...
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