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There are a million hotels out there. At BucketTripper, we’re featuring those with a story: The hotels, resorts, and spas we cover all have something special, whether it’s a connection with community or environment, or a special take on luxury or super programs for kids, adults, families, or any combination. We’re looking for more than gold-plated faucets and million-dollar renovations. We’re looking for places that have connections with culture, history, environment, wildlife, and local people. When we find places to stay that make you feel a connection to the place you’re in — we’ll share them with you here.

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Hotels, Resorts, and Spas: The Bucket List

The Chinese Public Bath Ladies Ladies' Entrance 
© Roberta Sotonoff

Soaking up the Unique Culture in the Chinese Public Baths

Before I went to China, I saw the Chinese movie, The Shower. In the film, the public baths were a place to forge friendships, unload your troubles and even play cards. Bathing was part of it -- but only part. It piqued my interest. I thought maybe a visit to one ...
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Culzean Castle (Ann Burnett)

Lording it in Culzean Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland

Had Eisenhower slept in this bed or perhaps, in the eighteenth century, the Countess of Cassilis? Now it's my turn to wake up in this massive four-poster in one of Culzean Castle’s guest rooms. Even the act of getting out of bed feels momentous: the bed is extremely high, so to step ...
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Sacred Hawaian wall at Ritz Carlton, Kapalua, Maui

Finding Your Inner Artist at Ritz Carlton’s Annual Arts Festival in Kapalua, Maui

First, there is the chanting, accompanied by shouts and drumming and the sharp slap of a walking staff against the floor. Then a procession of native Hawaiians, dressed in traditional clothing and garlanded with leis of greenery, enters the marble entry way. One at a time, they chant a genealogy ...
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Living Large at the Burj al Arab in Dubai

"Ah, not the elevator," my friend said in the lobby of Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel. "We will ride the submarine to the restaurant." And indeed, we did. After entering a small capsule with bucket seats and fastening our seat belts, lights flickered, sirens screamed, dials trembled and we were pushed back ...
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Inside a Turkish Haman

Bathing Turkish Style in Istanbul: The Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hamami

"Come, come." The woman gently takes my arm and steers me into the large round room. "Come" is the only word she knows in English, which makes her one word up on me, as I don't speak a word of Turkish. But perhaps it's just as well we can't have ...
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Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea, Israel

The water looks like nothing special. I walk out till I am thigh-deep, then lean all the way back and kick my feet out from under me. I find myself lying back as if in an (invisible, wet) armchair. I am one of the more than one million foreign tourists ...
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