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We all want to bring back a little memento of our trip, something more than a photo but less than, say, a 10-foot tall lawn ornament. Well, our authors have shopped the world, and we’re here to tell you what to buy, when to bargain, and what’s worth pulling out a credit card.

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Shopping: The Bucket List

Necklace made from large amber beads

What to Buy in Poland: Shopping for Amber in Gdańsk

Shopping wasn't on my mind (really!) when our tour headed for Gdańsk. We were going to the Solidarity exhibition at the shipyards (where workers organized the revolt that crushed Communism in Europe). Besides, my view of northern Poland was darkened by the typical climate, and the dramatic changes endured by ...
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Murdicks Fudge in their display case

Shopping for Mackinac Island Fudge

When you step off the ferryboat on Mackinac Island, a wave of aromas competes for your attention. First, the horses. Make no mistake about it, since Mackinac Island, Michigan, is the only place in America that banned automobiles from its community, the horse-drawn wagons are everywhere, and so are the ...
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Icealnd photos

What to Buy in Iceland: Shopping for Sweaters, Outdoor Gear, Lava Jewelry, Mud

Standing in the middle of a corral filled with Icelanders herding sheep this way and that, I notice that the colors of the sheep are the same as the colors of the sweaters worn by men, women, and children. The journey from sheep's back to shepherd's back is a short ...
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Indegenous Women in Silvia

Sauntering through Silvia on Market Day in Rural Colombia

There is something so striking about an indigenous population sporting a load of British-style bowler hats a la Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange, but travel for a little while in South America and you are bound to run into it. My first time to see this was even stranger because it ...
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Navigating Prague’s Christmas Markets

It feels as though I am swimming upstream in a school of fish. I must look down to pay attention to the uneven cobblestone streets, which while romantic in looks, provide an ongoing challenge in balance. I immediately regretted giving in to the handwritten signs for svařak, the hot mulled ...
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Traditional hat maker in Quito (©photocoen)

What to Buy in Ecuador: Shopping for Artisanal Souvenirs in Quito

"Do you know ortiga?" Doña Rosa asked? Fortunately, I did so I knew it would sting a bit. She rolled up my sleeve and held my hand in hers. She took a handful of fresh stinging nettle leaves and rubbed them over my lower arm and hand, which would improve ...
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