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We all want to bring back a little memento of our trip, something more than a photo but less than, say, a 10-foot tall lawn ornament. Well, our authors have shopped the world, and we’re here to tell you what to buy, when to bargain, and what’s worth pulling out a credit card.

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Shopping: The Bucket List

Baltic amber pendants

What to Buy in the Baltic: Souvenir Shopping on a Baltic Sea Cruise

So many shops, so little time…. That was my lament on a recent cruise of the Baltic Sea. Some women buy shoes, but it's pretty, exotic trinkets from foreign places that catch my eye. A cruise of the Baltic Sea promised to introduce me to a whole new group of ...
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Aloha wear at a Kaua'i street market

What to Buy in Hawaii: Souvenir Shopping Aloha Style

Hawaii is an easy place to shop, and not only because in virtually every oceanside town you'll find fun beach wear and typical seaside souvenirs. There's an aura here that honors both tradition and creativity. I tend to look for slightly more unusual or authentic souvenirs, and on several trips to ...
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Traditional china figurines adorn English hearths and mantles.

What to Buy in England: Souvenir Shopping in London and Beyond

Let's move quickly beyond William and Kate wedding trinkets, the snow globes with a smiling royal family, the key rings, commemorative plates, and a thousand other mementos that flood the streets and souvenir shops of England at the announcement of another royal baby, wedding, or jubilee. If royal mementos and ...
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Peruvian flute

What to Buy in Peru: Souvenir Shopping in Lima and Cuzco

I am squatting in the dirt, peering intently at some dishes placed on a vibrantly striped blanket. I have been told I have to play this game: The prices offered, I have been assured, are ridiculous, sky-high; they are prices for ignorant Norte Americanas. I scrunch my face and try ...
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Swiss Christmas souvenir

Shopping the Montreux Christmas Market in Switzerland

The air is a chilly, but only a bit. With the moderating influence of palm-tree-lined Lake Geneva, the brief cold spell is more a matter of seasonal ambience than impediment: Just enough to make a steaming glass of mulled cider or hot spiced wine go down all smooth and comforting. You ...
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pearl farm

Shopping for Tahitian Black Pearls in French Polynesia

In terms of financial parity, I am wearing the down payment for a very nice American home around my neck. The pearls are a deep gray black, each one enormous, each glowing with a tinge of color: aubergine,  blue, green, pink, silver. Unfortunately, I have to put them back. I've been ...
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