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We all want to bring back a little memento of our trip, something more than a photo but less than, say, a 10-foot tall lawn ornament. Well, our authors have shopped the world, and we’re here to tell you what to buy, when to bargain, and what’s worth pulling out a credit card.

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Shopping: The Bucket List

curacao art

Shopping on the Dutch Antilles Island of Curaçao

Shopping on the Dutch Antilles island of Curaçao requires a two-pronged attack for those in a serious search of unique souvenirs. Planning that attack is well worth the effort: Not only are there fabulous treasures to be found, but the arts community here will give shoppers a better understanding of ...
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Tarabuqueño working on a traditional weaving pattern (©photocoen)

Studying the Characteristics of Tarabuco’s Weaving Techniques in Bolivia

Tarabuco is an ethnic group that lives southeast of Sucre, in central Bolivia, and represents one of the country's prominent traditional cultures. For the past twenty years or so, Tarabuco has become more known to foreign visitors and today travelers flock to the region in large numbers to check it ...
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Mask Shop in San Polo, Venice (Photo copyright Stillman Rogers)

Shopping for Masks and Crafts in Venice’s San Polo

“Bellissima,” he exclaims as I look into the mirror he holds for me. “Better than without the mask?” I retort and we both laugh. The mask maker is trying to help me solve my problem with any mask. I wear glasses, so unless it’s thin and close-fitting enough to wear the ...
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Ballarin Glass Shop, Murano (Photo copyrigh Stillman Rogers)

Shopping for Glass on Venice’s Island of Murano

"Signor, signor,” the voice and running footsteps followed us alongside the canal. We turned to see the man from the glass shop we’d just left. “Il prezzo sta bene!” Resignation infused his voice, expression and gesture as he said it – “the price is OK.” We were already several doors down ...
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Souvenir Stand on 5th Avenida

The Shopping ’til You Drop Tour of Antigua, Guatemala

We all have our weaknesses, and one of mine is souvenirs. Admittedly, it’s not the most masculine of traits, not the one I like to write to the guys back home about, but I’ve spent many a traveling afternoon scouring markets and engaging in hard-nosed negotiations. And, I can tell ...
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On Harmony Night, dancers in the parade wear elaborate costumes (photo by Laura Byrne Paquet c 2011)

Reveling at Harmony Night on the Caribbean Island of St. Martin

A tropical village that holds a street party called Harmony Night every Tuesday evening, all winter long, is my kind of place. Tiny Grand Case, on the French side of the island of St. Martin, is also home to a few of the best restaurants in the Caribbean, a perfume lab, ...
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