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We all want to bring back a little memento of our trip, something more than a photo but less than, say, a 10-foot tall lawn ornament. Well, our authors have shopped the world, and we’re here to tell you what to buy, when to bargain, and what’s worth pulling out a credit card.

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Shopping: The Bucket List

Artwork of B.C. Northwest coast at the Spirit Gallery in Horseshoe Bay (Photo credit: MCArnott)

Shopping for Native Arts and Crafts in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Why is shopping often seen as the frivolous side of travel? Perhaps it’s a matter of destination because, here in British Columbia, it’s a cultural experience. Browse in the vibrant tourist shops and galleries and you will get it! Aboriginal people -- called First Nations in Canada -- were hunters, ...
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Shoppers at the Sunday Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Shopping at the Sunday Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Paper umbrellas, lanterns, cotton scarves, silk pillow covers, table mats, handbags, slippers, Thai spices, herbal remedies, handmade soaps, natural cosmetics, jewelry, Buddha statues, elephant statues, toys, silk ties, clothes, incense holders and incense sticks... I can't think of many things that are not sold at the Sunday Market in Chiang ...
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Florence from Piazza Michelangelo (Photo copyright 2013 Stillman Rogers Photography)

Shopping for Leather around Florence’s Santa Croce

The buttery soft leather slipped on so easily that it felt like a second skin on my hand, each finger the perfect length and without creases or pulls. As I flexed my fingers inside this cherry-red casing, all I could think was “This fits like a glove.” Fine leather work has ...
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Florence Duomo with Giotto's Tower and Brunelleschi's Dome (Photo copyright by Stillman Rogers Photography)

Shopping while Sightseeing near the Duomo in Florence

Somewhere between Brunelleschi’s dome and the Ghirlandaio frescoes, my best-laid plans for a day devoted to the great treasures of Florentine art went awry. So awry that long before I reached Santa Maria Novella I considered detouring to my hotel to unload the increasingly heavy leather shoulder bag I’d bought ...
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The Jade Mine Store (Credit: The Jade Mine)

Shopping for Jade in Vancouver, British Columbia

  I am looking at a jade bangle with the price tag of some cars, only it will last longer. "Real jade" is the strongest of all minerals. "Jade" is simply the commercial name given to jadeite and nephrite. And if you think that it comes from China where it has been ...
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Ponte Vecchio, the Arno River

Shopping for Fine Italian Crafts in the Oltrarno, Florence’s Left Bank

I could barely see the tiny dots of brightly colored glass as the artist arranged them inside a miniature gold frame. I watched, fascinated as a flower no larger than my little fingernail bloomed amid foliage in shimmering shades of green. This tiny floral portrait would soon join the other ...
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