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We all want to bring back a little memento of our trip, something more than a photo but less than, say, a 10-foot tall lawn ornament. Well, our authors have shopped the world, and we’re here to tell you what to buy, when to bargain, and what’s worth pulling out a credit card.

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Shopping: The Bucket List

There are more than 300 essential oils on Tijon's perfume organ. Photo courtesy of Tijon.

Learning the Art of Perfume-Making on the Caribbean Island of St. Martin

When I was dreaming about my trip to the French side of the Caribbean island of St. Martin, I didn't picture myself in a white coat, fiddling with beakers and droppers in a glass-fronted lab.But when I found out I could make my own perfume from a blend of some ...
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Montreal's Jean Talon Market

What to Buy in Montreal: Souvenir Shopping at Jean Talon Market

I didn't prepare for the sensory overload. Peruvian flute players perform in the street in front of me. The smells of flowers and freshly baked cannoli tickle my nose. The vibrant colors and textures of the world's produce dance around me. I had come to Montreal's Jean Talon Market expecting a large ...
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Entrance to the Khan el Khalili market.

Negotiating Cairo’s Khan el-Khalili Market

I am beginning to feel uncomfortable. My self-appointed guide -- he introduced himself only as Mohammed, which is not helpful in a country where Mohammed is the name of most of the male population -- keeps urging me just a little way further. Another turn, a narrower alley, fewer people, dimmer ...
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Traditional Navajo blanket

Shopping the American Southwest: Indian Crafts and Jewelry in Arizona and New Mexico

I am backpacking in New Mexico, following a dusty dirt back road to the back of beyond, when a battered van pulls up and stops. A woman with a broad, brown face and a long black braid says hello, and wants to known what what I'm doing. I describe my journey ...
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Shopping (and more) at the Siem Reap’s Night Market in Cambodia

Slowly, tentatively, I dipped my feet into the fish tank sitting on the sidewalk in Siem Reap. The fish could hardly wait ... they crowded me, hungry mouths zeroing in on my toes. The “doctor fish” were at work. OMG, did it ever tickle. Yikes. But after a minute, my sensory endings ...
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This hand-knitted sweater is made of hand spun and hand-woven yarn.

What to Buy in New Zealand: Souvenir Shopping in Aotearoa

I have a thing for the color green, and I have a thing for jade, so New Zealand -- Aotearoa, to its indigenous Maori population -- was not an especially good place for me to take my wallet out for a walk. Come to think of it, my wallet should have ...
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