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Sightseeing tours aren’t limited to your classic tour bus. You can enjoy sightseeing adventures via bush plane, speedboat, hydrofoil, double-decker bus, and hot-air balloons, not to mention your own two feet. And yes, even a bus tour can open new worlds to you with the right guide and the right companions.

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Sightseeing Tours: The Bucket List

Gondolas on the Grand Canal Venice

Discovering Venice’s Grand Canal by Vaporetto

From the main gateways of Piazalle Roma and Santa Lucia rail station to Piazza San Marco, Venice's Grand Canal carves a sweeping S through the heart of the city. A journey along the 2.5-mile canal takes passengers past some of the city’s most iconic palaces and churches, but to me, ...
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The view from the Burj Khalifa

Scraping the Sky at the Burj Khalifa, Dubai

I lean against the wall of silvered mirror tiles and watch as the doors close, then wait for that lurch of my stomach as the elevator begins its long journey. But surprisingly, it doesn’t come. It’s a smooth ride, the only indication that we are travelling swiftly upwards is the ...
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The Old City

Scaling the Walls of Cartagena

Having traveled quite a bit in Central America, with some unfortunate soirees in the rather gruesome metropolises, the first surprise I got from Cartagena was that people — droves of people — were still out on the streets at night. My flight had touched down after dark, approaching nine o’clock, ...
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Zipolete, Mexico

Skinny-Dipping or Snorkeling in Zipolite, Mexico

I chose it because the beach was of a clothing-optional variety, and coming from a fairly purist Southern family, I’d not seen a lot of that sort of thing: strangers’ boobs set free in nature and whatnot. I couldn’t very well tell my girlfriend at the time (in the coming ...
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Largest open-pit copper mine in the world: Chuquicamata, Chile (©photocoen)

Touring the World’s Largest Copper Mine in Chuquicamata, Chile

The tour bus stopped and I could gaze down the humongous hole in the ground: 1 kilometer deep, 3 kilometers wide, and 5 kilometers long. Can you even begin to imagine the size of this mine? Even while standing right next to it, it was hard to grasp. Along the ...
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Coba Cover Photo

Climbing Mexico’s Tallest Mayan Pyramid at Coba

Chichen Itza may be the most famous ancient Mayan city in the Yucatan Pennisula. It may have garnered all the big titles, like New World Wonder, but that doesn’t change the fact that the older Mayan site of Coba, the region’s capital before Chichen Itza, boasts Mexico’s most monstrous pyramid. The ...
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