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Sightseeing tours aren’t limited to your classic tour bus. You can enjoy sightseeing adventures via bush plane, speedboat, hydrofoil, double-decker bus, and hot-air balloons, not to mention your own two feet. And yes, even a bus tour can open new worlds to you with the right guide and the right companions.

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Sightseeing Tours: The Bucket List

Boat trips are popular in picturesque Bruges

Discovering the City of Bruges (Brugge), Belgium, by Boat

“Where are you from?” roars the boat’s captain into the microphone. He rattles out our various nationalities. French, Flemish, Dutch, Welsh, Scottish, Turkish, Spanish. “No Germans?” he bellows. “Excellent!” And then to ease our collective wince he sighs: “My German is not good.” So. We have a character as guide and ...
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The first recorded slave ship docked in Portsmouth Harbor in 1645 (© Stillman Rogers)

Walking the Black Heritage Trail in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

We northerners tend to think of slavery as an institution peculiar to southern history, not to our own. But in fact, it was not at all uncommon for New Englanders to hold slaves. After all, New England ports -- including Portsmouth -- were the northern point of the infamous "Triangle ...
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Lighthouse at Pot du Phare (Photo credit: Roberta Sotonoff ©2012)

Birding the Quebec Maritimes’ Islands near Rivière-du-Loup

The Quebec Maritimes are a haven for people like me who are into nature. This northern part of Quebec along the St. Lawrence River provides both a serene escape from the city and incredible scenery. Jagged rock formations erupt from the water. Birds soar above and their chattering fill the ...
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The Arkansas River Trail crosses the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge. ©Melanie Radzicki McManus

Exploring the Arkansas River Trail

I tell my friend, Amy, it’s odd that the trail we’re running along has devolved from a neat, blacktopped path to a jumble of golf ball-sized rocks. And that it’s even stranger that we have to carefully pick our way behind a huge, washed out section of trail that appears ...
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Quincy Market

Walking Boston’s Freedom Trail

It's a cool, sunlit morning in Boston, one of those picture-perfect days you hope for when exploring a city. I pass the flower-studded site of the Boston Marathon bombing -- a sobering reminder of what happened here earlier this year. Boston is one of my favorite cities and although I've been ...
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The Sign

Stargazing On Hollywood Blvd

Seeing a celebrity is a rush. Sometimes it results in a squeal, a quick dance, a dash for paper and a pen. Often whispers fill the air, murmurs of “Is it really?”…“No way”…”It is.” I remember as a young little leaguer I got to meet Nolan Ryan, one of the ...
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