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The world is full of sporting events, some familiar, some not so much. For sports fans, one of the bet ways to dive into local culture is to go to the local pub and watch a hot sporting event, whether it’s cricket in Jamaica or polo in Pakistan. Or better yet, see it in person. And then there are the iconic ball fields and sports stadiums, not to mention halls of fame. And — maybe better — the chance of actually taking to the field yourself, for example, playing a round of golf at St. Andrews or learning to curl in Alaska.

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Sports: The Bucket List

Bobsled track at Utah Olympic Park

Feel like an Olympian in Utah’s Olympic Park

Even for those like me, normally the hardiest of skiers, it’s nice to spend a day off the downhill slopes while visiting Park City. I know that time away from the lifts allows me to enjoy other attractions that I cannot find back home. So how about learning a bit about ...
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Field of Dreams movie site

Finding magic at the Field of Dreams

Where I grew up, the saying was the corn should be "knee high by the Fourth of July." It's Independence Day in Dyersville, Iowa, and the corn is over my head. I can't help but walk into the tall stalks, disappearing from sight like a whisper. It's there, and I ...
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The soccer museum in São Paulo's Pacaembu Stadium. (©photocoen)

Reliving Games in Brazil’s Soccer Museum of São Paulo

"The defeat of all defeats," the Brazilian headlines recently cried after Brazil's devastating loss against Germany in the World Cup 2014. Losing 7 to 1 on your own territory in the semi finals is a major crushing indeed. For the second time Brazil organized the World Cup, and for the ...
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Centre Court during The Championships at Wimbledon.

Experiencing The Championships at Wimbledon

Anticipation grew as the world's top women's tennis player and her opponent walked onto the court. The court quieted. The winner of the coin toss served. The Second Round of the Ladies' Singles Championship was underway. I am at Wimbledon with a ticket for the No. 1 Court on the grounds of ...
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Hole #9 at Bowen Island golf course with views of the North Shore Mountains and the Straight of Georgia in the background (Photo: MCArnott)

Playing Golf on Bowen Island in Vancouver, Canada

I am driving on to the deck of the Queen of Capilano ferry. Forget about island hopping, fairways are on my mind! The view of the North Shore Mountains widens as we head out of the Horseshoe Bay Harbor to the calm waters of Howe Sound. From the mountains to the ocean, outdoors activities ...
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Milwaukee is home to the Harley-Davidson Museum. ©Melanie Radzicki McManus

Touring Milwaukee’s Harley-Davidson Museum

The crowd in the museum is quiet. Reverent, actually. A grizzled, pony-tailed man in leathers, chains hanging from his pockets, slowly walks up and down the rows of gleaming bikes. Pausing before one that catches his eye, he fishes a tiny camera out of his pocket, frames his shot just ...
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