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The world is full of sporting events, some familiar, some not so much. For sports fans, one of the bet ways to dive into local culture is to go to the local pub and watch a hot sporting event, whether it’s cricket in Jamaica or polo in Pakistan. Or better yet, see it in person. And then there are the iconic ball fields and sports stadiums, not to mention halls of fame. And — maybe better — the chance of actually taking to the field yourself, for example, playing a round of golf at St. Andrews or learning to curl in Alaska.

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Sports: The Bucket List

Players and caddies ride on a golf cart at Nirwana Bali (Photo credit: MCArnott)

Teeing-off over Rice Paddies at Nirwana Golf Club in Bali, Indonesia

She briefly scouts the fairway and points to my ball, in a narrow ditch along a rice paddy. All eyes are on me as I give it my best shot. When a splash of mud squirts in all directions including mine, I am miffed. Yet, my caddy smiles and my ...
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1920 Fowler Road Locomotive (Photo credit: MCArnott)

Attending the Traditional Cart Marking Ceremony in London, England

What do Montgomery’s Rolls Royce and a butcher’s handcart have in common? They appeared in a London ritual dating back to 1667: Cart Marking. The first time I heard the name of this ceremony -- Cart Marking Under the Worshipful Company of Carmen -- I admit wondering who Carmen was. We ...
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Motorcycles at Harley-Davidson in KC

Feeling the Thunder on a Harley-Davidson Factory Tour in Kansas City, Missouri

A long line of gleaming motorcycles and six flags greeted us at the front door of the Harley-Davidson Vehicle & Powertrain Operations Factory in Kansas City, Missouri. I felt odd traveling all this way to get my first tour of a company that, like me, called Milwaukee, Wisconsin its hometown ...
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Historical display in the National Corvette Museum

Visiting the National Corvette Museum

As we pulled into the parking lot for the National Corvette Museum amid a sprawling complex visible from Interstate 65 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, I noticed flags flapping with emblems on them. John pointed to one he knew well. "That's my old Corvette club!" Established in 1967, the Cape Kennedy Corvette ...
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Cheering on a Soccer Game in Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro (©photocoen)

Cheering on Soccer Players in Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã Stadium, Brazil

"You can't leave Rio de Janeiro without having seen the Maracanã Stadium!" "The what?” I couldn't even pronounce the word. "The Maracanã Stadium! You don't know what it is?" "Sorry, never heard of it." "No, that's impossible. Everybody knows Maracanã. It was the largest stadium in the world. It was were Pelé played his last ...
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Bronc riding and other rodeo events are the centerpiece of Cheyenne Frontier Days. (photo credit: Katherine Rodeghier c 2013)

Roping in Cowboy Culture at Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming

The aroma wafts toward my nose from a block away. The familiar sweet smell mixed with a yeasty scent makes my mouth water, and by the time I walk to Depot Square my mind is on only one thing: pancakes. But the crowd gathered in front of the castle-like 19th-century Union ...
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