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The world is full of sporting events, some familiar, some not so much. For sports fans, one of the bet ways to dive into local culture is to go to the local pub and watch a hot sporting event, whether it’s cricket in Jamaica or polo in Pakistan. Or better yet, see it in person. And then there are the iconic ball fields and sports stadiums, not to mention halls of fame. And — maybe better — the chance of actually taking to the field yourself, for example, playing a round of golf at St. Andrews or learning to curl in Alaska.

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Sports: The Bucket List

Baseball Fans Wait for the Game to Start Under a Typical Arizona Sky (Photo credit: Chris Eirschele, c 2013)

Watching Hometown Baseball at Spring Training in Scottsdale, Arizona

A bright blue sky and mild temperatures: Spring weather in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a far cry from the March snows of Wisconsin, which I once called home. And it's perfect weather for spring training baseball. I donned long jeans, my husband wore shorts and we both left our jackets in ...
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Inside Croke Park

Learning About Sport at Dublin’s Croke Park, Ireland

They talk about a bird’s eye view. Here at Dublin’s Croke Park stadium we’re balanced in the seats at the very top of the highest stand looking down at the 82,000 empty seats so far below us we can barely see the pitch. In all my life I can honestly ...
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Palio crowds fill Piazza il Campo in Siena Italy

Stepping Inside the Palio in Siena Italy

Traffic heading into Siena from the autostrada was unusually heavy, I thought. Better fill my gas tank in case I’m stuck in a jam. “A lot of traffic today” observed a well-dressed young man standing beside his car at the next pump. I agreed, in my careful American-accented Italian, and he ...
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Driving Nascar

NASCAR Driving at Walt Disney World, Florida

It had been at least 15 years since I’d driven a stick shift but when offered the chance to take the wheel of a NASCAR race car -- provided I knew my way around a manual transmission -- I signed on. Driving is like riding a bike, right? And I'm ...
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Riding Around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at 180 mph!

Whoopee!  With thumbs up, the pit crew signals, "OK to go!" The Indy race car begins to rumble and vibrate, gaining speed as it leaves pit row.  The engine's roar ascends to a deafening level as the car rapidly accelerates on the racetrack. I am in that car, sitting right behind ...
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Watching World's Highest Polo Tournament at Shandur Pass, Pakistan (©Coen Wubbels)

Watching the World’s Highest Polo Tournament, in Pakistan

Starting from behind the goal line, holding the ball and mallet in one hand and perfectly restraining his horse with the other, the horseman slowly moves forward. When he approaches the center of the field, he spurs his horse to maximum speed, tosses the ball into the air, hits just ...
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