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Theme parks come in a variety of flavors, from old-fashioned amusement parks to space-age experiences. At BucketTripper, we feature theme parks that are perennial visitor favorites, and we’ll try to show you how to “do them right.” Note: With animal theme parks, we take a close look at the purpose of the facility and how animals are housed and treated. Our editor recently stayed at a hotel that housed a baby tiger in a glass enclosure in the middle of a hotel lobby — needless to say, we’re NOT covering that kind of a property. We know keeping animals in captivity for human enjoyment is a controversial subject. But where we find animal themed parks that seem to have their heart in the right place, with a conservation, rescue, or education mission, we’ll share those places with you.

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Theme Parks: The Bucket List

Jungle Cruise boat at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Exploring Disney’s Magic Kingdom with Mom

Dusk swept in as the jungle drums were beating and torches flickered along the edge of the boat launch. Mom paused for a photo with a tall tiki. "Send this to Autumn, she'll love it!" she said, as I snapped the image with my iPhone and emailed it to my niece ...
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The Scorpion's Tail at Noah's Ark propels riders more than 50 feet per second. (Courtesy Wisconsin Dells Visitor and Convention Bureau)

Hitting the Water Slides at Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells

I nervously eye the long, clear tube. Ten stories high, it plunges steeply down, tilts to a 45-degree angle while making an enormous loop-de-loop, then drops into a narrow chute, where it deposits its contents — humans. Dubbed the Scorpion's Tail, it's one of the newer rides at Noah's Ark, ...
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Jamaica bobsled feature crop

Tropical Bobsledding at Jamaica’s Mystic Mountain

I  am sitting in something that look like a bobsled, although instead of running on snow, the contraption hurtles on metal tracks through a tropical forest. With a white-kunckled grip on a handbrake,  I supposedly have control of the speed, but no matter how much I brake, it seems that ...
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