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Four legs, 100 legs, or no legs at all. Beaks, wings, claws, teeth. Search for lions in the Serengeti or crocodiles in a Central American swamp. Ride elephants or camels or donkeys. Look for tigers in India or quetzales  in Central America.  Who wouldn’t want to swim with dolphins or ride an elephant?

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Animals: The Bucket List

Horseback riding at Hacienda Zuleta (©photocoen)

Horseback Riding to Ancient Pyramids at Hacienda Zuleta in Ecuador

"If you turn around you will see the entire row of pyramids," Alice said. I pulled lightly on the reins and Esthela immediately reacted, at which I quietly breathed a sigh of relief because truth be said, I was not so sure that she would listen to me. It was ...
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Strolling Through Nature on the Suffolk Coast, England

I had been sitting for less than a minute. The surrounding expanse of heather played a seemingly infinite set of variations on the theme of purple interrupted by contrasting yellow patches of knee-high gorse. A sudden movement, and a tiny bird disappeared into a taller clump of gorse. As I ...
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Booted Racket Tail Hummingbird (©photocoen)

Watching Hummingbirds at the Mashpi Lodge in Ecuador

Purple-Crowned Fairies, Green-Crowned Wood Nymphs and Violet-Tailed Sylphs were fluttering all around me. Had I just landed in an elf forest? It most certainly felt like it. Surrounded by a towering wilderness of forested mountains with grey clouds closing in or receding just as suddenly, the area felt mystical enough ...
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White pelicans at Nebraska's Harlan County Reservoir

Birdwatching in Nebraska: The Pelicans of Harlan County

Admit it: You think of Nebraska as a flyover state. Or a drive-through. What if I told you that it was also home to one of the world's greatest wildlife spectacles? No, forget about me. What if Jane Goodall told you that? Because amid the feedlots and the corn fields and ...
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Mississippi sandhill crane

Birding at Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge

On our way to visit Biloxi, Mississippi, we noticed two sandhill cranes standing in the median of Interstate 10. As Floridians, we see sandhill cranes a lot, so we didn't think much about it until we picked up a birding brochure later in the day. With only 110 Mississippi Sandhill ...
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Riding Grand Canyon

Mule-back Riding Along the Grand Canyon’s South Rim

I didn't expect to like the mule. I'm something of an equestrian -- some years more than others, but enough to be quite sure of my preference for the noble horse. And if, like me, you had never ridden a mule before, you might have a few stereotypes in mind: ...
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