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Four legs, 100 legs, or no legs at all. Beaks, wings, claws, teeth. Search for lions in the Serengeti or crocodiles in a Central American swamp. Ride elephants or camels or donkeys. Look for tigers in India or quetzales  in Central America.  Who wouldn’t want to swim with dolphins or ride an elephant?

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Animals: The Bucket List

Andean condors return to Argentina''s skies

Watching Andean Condors Fly Again at Paileman, Argentina

I scanned the top of the cliff one last time. Finally, there was movement. The young condor was making its way along the ridge using its monstrously long wings (a condor’s wingspan can be more than 10 feet) as an extra pair of legs, or perhaps crutches. No, he was ...
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Swimming with leatherbacks. Photo by Shannon O'Malley

Swimming with Leatherback Turtles in Barbados

Shannon was crying. I knew she would. I knew she was crying, in fact, even before she lifted her snorkel mask. She still cries, after all, every time she talks about a leatherback sea turtle nest-hatching experience we shared in Antigua a few years ago. And here we were now in Barbados ...
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Zipolete, Mexico

Skinny-Dipping or Snorkeling in Zipolite, Mexico

I chose it because the beach was of a clothing-optional variety, and coming from a fairly purist Southern family, I’d not seen a lot of that sort of thing: strangers’ boobs set free in nature and whatnot. I couldn’t very well tell my girlfriend at the time (in the coming ...
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Lighthouse at Pot du Phare (Photo credit: Roberta Sotonoff ©2012)

Birding the Quebec Maritimes’ Islands near Rivière-du-Loup

The Quebec Maritimes are a haven for people like me who are into nature. This northern part of Quebec along the St. Lawrence River provides both a serene escape from the city and incredible scenery. Jagged rock formations erupt from the water. Birds soar above and their chattering fill the ...
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Great Bustards (Photo credit - Jorge Safara)

Seeking the Birds of Portugal’s Castro Verde Steppe

Jorge, our guide, certainly knew where to find the birds. And when. He had convinced us to abandon the comforts of our hotel at 7 am, and had negotiated with the management to provide us with a packed breakfast to bring with us. In the early morning light, even the ...
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Birdwatching on the Estuaries of Portugal’s Alentejo Coast

We spotted our first birds within half-an-hour of leaving Lisbon Airport. Crossing over the Tagus estuary on the 17.2 km Vasco da Gama Bridge, the longest in Europe, we gazed over a vast area of mud flats, dotted with waders too distant to identify. On reaching the eastern bank, however, ...
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