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Four legs, 100 legs, or no legs at all. Beaks, wings, claws, teeth. Search for lions in the Serengeti or crocodiles in a Central American swamp. Ride elephants or camels or donkeys. Look for tigers in India or quetzales  in Central America.  Who wouldn’t want to swim with dolphins or ride an elephant?

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Animals: The Bucket List

El Limon -- we're here!

Riding to the Domincan Republic’s El Limon Waterfall on a Horse

I am not a horsewoman. I did not grow up around horses, and they've always been a mystery to me. When people say a horse is nervous, or bad tempered, or skittish, I don't know how they know this, as I can't figure out a horse's mood when I'm near ...
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La Marmotiere

Sailing to Les Ecrehous in the English Channel in the Early Morning

As the boat slowly sailed past the St Catherine’s breakwater, on the north-east corner of Jersey, a small flock of Brent geese, winter visitors from the Arctic, took off ahead of us. Clearing the breakwater, our skipper, Richard, revved the motor, sending the inflatable leaping over the first wave and ...
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Hundreds of bird species flock to Horicon Marsh. ©Melanie Radzicki McManus

Exploring Horicon Marsh in Southeast Wisconsin

Small knots of birders are standing on the floating boardwalk, all gazing in one direction. What has caught their collective eye? I'm not a "birder" (the proper term for what we non-birders would call a "birdwatcher"), so I assume it's some tiny thing visible only to those with professional, high-powered ...
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Garden Eels and King Angelfish

Finding Water at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Aquarium in Tucson

We wanted to time our walk to see plants and wildlife early in the morning at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. Instead, we got lost and were late. When we arrived in town the hazy cloudless sky had already stoked up the mid-day temperature; the hot weather pushed us to ...
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Yellow-eyed penguin in nest (Courtesy Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust)

Searching for the Yellow-eyed Penguin in New Zealand

The word “maybe” is out. We might see some, but there is no guarantee. Do we still want to go? We do. A guide points to our transportation--an 8-wheel-drive Argo--a cross between a tractor and a boat. We'll be taking this vehicle to see the penguins that live in the ...
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The leopard rests after a good meal (photo credit and copyright Ann Burnett)

On Safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa

It’s been a good evening dining under the stars in South Africa's Kruger National Park . Our guide Scotch and the rest of the guests and staff at Tanda Tula Safari Camp have been convivial company, and now it’s time for bed. Scotch leads the way along the path to our ...
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