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Four legs, 100 legs, or no legs at all. Beaks, wings, claws, teeth. Search for lions in the Serengeti or crocodiles in a Central American swamp. Ride elephants or camels or donkeys. Look for tigers in India or quetzales  in Central America.  Who wouldn’t want to swim with dolphins or ride an elephant?

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Animals: The Bucket List

A bear cub where he shouldn't be. Photo courtesy of Steve Searles.

Meeting The Bear Whisperer of Mammoth Mountain

“There is a bear within 600 yards of here,” Steve Searles told a group of us gathered for breakfast in one of the village hotels at Mammoth Mountain ski area. Yes, it was spring and Mammoth’s black bear population was waking up. They were groggy. They were grouchy. They were hungry ...
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Young pandas at play (Ann Burnett)

Peering at Pandas in Chengdu, China

I suppose I could have gone to my local zoo and seen pandas there, but it’s not the same as actually seeing them in their native habitat, or at least, their native country. So Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center was on my list of must-sees. But my first sight of ...
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Reef Shark

Snorkeling with Sharks in Nassau

"Get in the water without splashing. No kicking, and do not panic or thrash around,” the tour operators told us as we prepared for our third snorkel site of the day. Why all the stealth? That had something to do with the 30-some reef sharks that were schooled some 30 ...
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Americqn Alligators Hunt with Eyes Ears and Nose

Communing With Wildlife at St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park, Florida

When a close friend asked me to join her in a visit to her favorite zoological park in Florida, I jumped at the chance. I was curious to discover why my well-coiffed girlfriend of 50 years was so enamored with the mostly dark scaly skinned reptilians, for as the assistant ...
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Macaws rescued from illegal trafficking in Bolivia (©Coen Wubbels)

Taking a Break at Biocentro Güembé in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

"Another Inca ruin?" "Again so many hours in a bus?" "Can't we go swimming somewhere?" "More markets? I want to go swimming! Please!" I don't have kids but I can imagine this being a frequent scene between kids and parents on vacation (or maybe it's a memory of my own childhood vacations…). Bolivia is ...
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A Southern Right Whale passes right along the shore (©Coen Wubbels)

Whale Watching on Península Valdés in Argentina

"Look at that! Am I seeing what I am seeing? A white baby whale?!" It was swimming right along its dark-grayish mother in the Golfo Nuevo, a protected bay along the Atlantic Ocean of the Argentinean coast. "It's an albino whale. Quite exceptional of course. It's been around for a while," my ...
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