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If adrenaline floats your boat, you’ve come to the right place. Ziplining through a Central American Jungle? Check. Climbing about on the roof-tops of Stockholm, Sweden? Check. Trying out tropical bobsledding, Jamaican style? Check. Our writers have the photos to prove their dedication to their jobs –not to mention the bruises. Don’t forget to check out our other sections: this site is full of adventure.

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Adventure Travel: The Bucket List


Electric-assist cycling in Provence

Perhaps you’ve wanted for a long time to see Provence, and have heard that the best way to do it is to go on a bicycle tour. But you’re afraid you’re too out of shape, or no longer have the stamina for daily rides through rolling hills and vineyards. Well, you’re out ...
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Feats of treetop insanity.

Playing in the Tree Tops at TreeUmph! in Florida

That moment when you realize you will be hooking up your own harness hardware (sans supervision) to the 650-foot TreeUmphant! zip line that is the grand finale to the new aerial base camp experience outside of Bradenton, Florida. Or when you realize that despite all training, you are coming into ...
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Dawn in the eastern Iceland town of Eskifjordur came with a spectacular view of the dock behind the rustic restaurant, Randulf's Sea House. Photo by Cardozo

Seeing Eastern Iceland, The Often Overlooked Side

  My trip to Iceland was a visual wonder...from the brightly painted buildings to the mountains to the people and their history. But while so many people do the Ring Road or stay close to Reykjavik, I went east to the less visited side of the island where the people, their ...
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Camels being taken to a track for race training in Dubai, UAE. The small objects on some camel's backs are robot jockeys that are radio controlled. Camels are not strong enough to race with heavy weights. In earlier times, small children were used as jockeys but when laws were passed prohibiting this practice, the children were replaced with the five pound robots. Photo by Yvette Cardozo

Going on a Desert Safari, Dubai Style

  There’s lots not to miss in Dubai. But top of my list was the desert safari. Okay, it’s a tourist thing. But it’s still exotic, a peek at traditional Bedouin life -- and a total giggle. My two friends and I were picked up at our hotel in a four wheel drive ...
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Summer Sledging on the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier, Kaprun, Austria

Somebody’s grumbling. I can tell by the tone of voice, even before the words become clear. It’s something to do with having worn shorts. After all it’s August and the temperature in the valley below is creeping up into the nineties. Shorts seemed like a good idea when we set ...
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The Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario were at author Laura Byrne Paquet's feet on the CN Tower EdgeWalk. Photo courtesy of CN Tower EdgeWalk.

Walking the EdgeWalk high on the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada

I leaned backwards on a catwalk 1,168 feet above downtown Toronto, with my arms spread wide like Leonardo DiCaprio on the prow of Titanic. Even though you couldn't pay me enough to skydive (fear of falling) or scuba dive (fear of suffocation), heights have never been among my phobias. I ...
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