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If adrenaline floats your boat, you’ve come to the right place. Ziplining through a Central American Jungle? Check. Climbing about on the roof-tops of Stockholm, Sweden? Check. Trying out tropical bobsledding, Jamaican style? Check. Our writers have the photos to prove their dedication to their jobs –not to mention the bruises. Don’t forget to check out our other sections: this site is full of adventure.

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Adventure Travel: The Bucket List


Elements and criss-cross each other at different heights, depend on the level of the course.

Sky-Walking and Ziplining in the Berkshires: Catamount’s Aerial Adventure Park

As a travel writer, I frequently roam across the globe, but this time, my destination is walking distance from my house: a quarter mile, as the crow flies. I live on the side of the Catamount Ski Area on the border of Massachusetts and New York. A couple of years ...
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Sonoma Zipline

Ziplining in the Sonoma Canopy, California

Redwoods shouldn’t sway. At least not in my mind, anyway. These enormous, ramrod straight trees grow for centuries, stretching hundreds of feet skyward, while widening and thickening their trunks. Heck, here in northern California you can even drive a car through the trunks of several of these behemoths, they’re that ...
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Dells Zipline

Ziplining in Wisconsin Dells

I hate heights. I really hate heights. So why in the world am I perched on the edge of a sky-high platform, ready to step off into the abyss below? Because my family wants to try ziplining, that’s why. And though terrified, I don’t want to be left out. Ziplining's ...
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Parasailing in Acapulco, Mexico

I didn’t know that once airborne, I was considered a kite: I weighed more than five pounds and was intended to be flown at the end of a rope. At least, that's how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defines parasailing: According to the National Airspace System, parasailers are subject to ...
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Quebec Winter Carnaval

Embracing the Cold at the Quebec Winter “Carnaval”

I'm standing on a platform high above Quebec City's Plains of Abraham while some guy is attaching my body harness to a long cable. One by one, my friends and I jump, swooping on a zip line over the clowns, the kids on toboggans, and the snow sculptures of Winter Carnaval's Place Desjardins. It's cold. Probably ...
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Bungee (Bungy) Jumping

Bungee Jumping in Auckland, New Zealand

What I really want to do here in Auckland is the SkyJump. You're tied securely into a large harness connected to a wire, then dropped off the Sky Tower, where you zip downward for 11 seconds before landing gently. I saw contestants on "The Biggest Loser" do it one season, ...
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